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Was macht eigentlich ein Developer bei car2go?

Hinter car2go verbirgt sich nicht nur ein einzigartiges Produkt sondern auch viele smarte Köpfe, die den Erfolg tagtäglich sicherstellen. So vielfältig und bunt wie die Mitarbeiter bei car2go, so vielfältig und spannend sind auch ihre jeweiligen Tätigkeiten. Aber nicht jede Berufsbezeichnung ist dabei selbsterklärend – Grund genug für uns mal genauer nachzuhaken!

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How ideas become product features at car2go

When car2go first launched in Ulm in 2008, it was the perfect example of how a big, bold idea can be brought to life. The concept of free-floating, on-demand carsharing began as just a dream, but by building on a series of small, actionable ideas, that dream made it to reality.

Since those early days, we have added to that first big idea to further improve and evolve the car2go concept. By using a few simple techniques, we are able to take big ideas from brainstorming sessions to the streets.

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Product-team from Hamburg

More than eight years ago car2go was born in heads of people as a blurred idea. Since then, we’ve been trying hard to create a service that you are eager to use. Today, more than 1.2 million users can find us in 10 countries and 29 cities. We have built up our product into the biggest carsharing service.

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