28 Aug 2018

Get to know Michaela & Sarah, our HR Business Partners

Michaela Bertram and Sarah Leu are our HR Business Partners in Berlin and Stuttgart. Curious what their job title is hiding? Then go on and find out about the many roads that lead to a HR Business Partner position, for which HR topics they are just the right persons to get in touch with and if they would or wouldn’t please the other colleagues with their personal Spotify playlist.

What does a day in the life of a Business Partner look like?

We thought a while about this question, because there is no typical day for us. Especially since no two consecutive days look alike, at least not within car2go.

We usually start the day by checking our emails and calendars and responding to or prioritizing emails to follow up on outstanding actions. We also prepare for upcoming work and respective meetings and of course we are having a big, big cup of coffee! 🙂

As HR Business Partner we are the first contact person for managers. They can come up with any kind of question, idea or problem within the full range of HR topics. This can include policy/procedure reviews, topics regarding remuneration and benefits, coaching and development, performance management, organizational design or diversity and change management.

In addition we get a lot of individual questions from our employees all over Europe, like questions regarding working hours, maternity leave or illness.

How did you become a Business Partner?

Michaela: As you can see in our cases, there isn’t just one way to become a Business Partner. I studied HR Management und Organization. After that I gained experience in several HR departments in different companies.

Until recently I worked as a specialist for labor policy, compensation and benefits and advised managers on these topics . But I missed being a HR generalist with the full range of HR topics and the direct contact to all employees. Not only our managers.

I’m very happy that eventually at car2go I have the opportunity to do so.

Sarah: In my case, I was studying psychology developing a keen interest in work and organizational psychology. After some practical insights in Recruiting and Development, I wanted get in touch with all HR topics and be part of the functional HR management.

Before starting here I worked as HR generalist in the industrial production sector. Working now within the Mobility Group in a tech-environment is exciting and cool.

What do you love most about your job?

Sarah: First of all having direct contact to all our employees.

Second being a generalist, dealing with the high number of complex HR topics and hopefully finding a good solution for all our employees. It’s also amazing to have the opportunity to find creative and new solutions for known issues.

If you didn’t become a HR Business Partner, what would you be doing?

Michaela: I’d probably be in a similar position. Why? Because I love HR and don’t want to be somewhere else.

Sarah: I also do love my job in HR – but if I had to choose something else I’d be most likely a therapist helping children and adults to cope with their individual problems.

Describe car2go in three terms.

Since we are two persons, we picked 6 keywords: chaotic, charming, creative, sustainable, future oriented and of course: fun!

What is important for you in working life?

Sarah: Definitely having a great team and an interesting challenging job. But also fairness in our daily business and direct communication to the employees.

Besides it’s also important to work for an attractive sustainable employer I can be proud of and luckily I can say that this is the case.

Why is working for car2go special?

Michaela: It is a business and a company with a pretty cool future oriented product and a vision of future mobility. Plus the car2go team is special – charming, creative and highly motivated.

Would you let us hook up your “Recently Played” list on Spotify to the office speakers?

Michaela: No! I’m quite sure my colleagues don’t want to listen to German Schlager. 😉

Sarah: Yes, definitely – I think everybody loves Robbie Williams! 🙂

Last but not least – tell us about your personal summer highlight this year!

Michaela: There was not one special summer highlight. Actually I’m just happy that there is a real summer this year I can enjoy.

Sarah: My personal summer highlight was starting at car2go!


Thanks a lot to both of your for taking the time and answering our questions.