8 Dez 2016

How the car2go experience is made possible – part 3

The only way to continuously better the car2go experience is listening, learning and improving. There are many different aspects to look at and a certain strategy followed by car2go to reach the goal of a steadily enhancement of the car2go experience.

Some first insights of the base and development of the car2go experience have been given in previous articles. The next step after setting up a new system is to keep it working and make it even better from day to day.

How car2go keeps the lights on

car2go is constantly developing. In the beginning an invention. Later a mature project growing into a solid business with 2 million members.

This is only possible when constant care is taken listening to member expectations, doing market observations, following technology trends and paying attention that when something goes wrong it is corrected and improved.

Eliminating the root cause and prevent repetition. Learning how to avoid interruptions is internally at car2go probably the main driver for improving the infrastructure, hardware and software.

More precisely put one can not avoid errors or defects, but the impact to the car2go member can be made invisible. To obtain this in all aspects is difficult on the limits of being an art. We add redundancy. We analyze for capacity bottlenecks.  We introduce dynamic scalability.  We use geographically separated resources and a multi vendor strategy.  We share knowledge with our professional partners and providers.

Permanently learning how to improve and optimize the service. For this our agile DevOps way of thinking and introducing changes is a significant contributor. It can be summarized in a few great virtues like listening, observing, thinking and acting.

Do not leave anything behind and never stop questioning.

How car2go watches

Not only great human virtues are necessary in running modern computer systems as used for car2go. Also, advanced algorithms and hardcore analysis of raw data is necessary to guarantee car2go being available to the members.

For all vital components in the car2go eco system various sorts of big data analysis, real time reporting, reactive monitoring, correlation of incidents and events is used. All combined into graphical dashboards.  Those dashboards show the health of systems, processes and applications.

Alerts are triggered to the engineers and developers if monitoring values do not correspond to the expected levels. Some levels are predefined water marks.  Others dynamically following the known prognosis of demand during the morning, daytime, evening and night.

Also, alerts from the major partners such as the telecommunication providers is integrated into the car2go monitoring systems.

The Learning Process

The efforts to continuously improve the car2go systems requires a systematic approach to prioritize all improvements. No matter if it is system events, customer wishes, monitoring alerts or other observations as well as business requirements and technology innovations.

All is valuable information which is used to improve the car2go service and systems. For this a ticketing system and a process to analyze for potential improvements after each incident is used. At car2go this is known as a retrospective or short just retro.

The facts collected in the ticket is used and turned into a valuable forward looking improvement for the car2go members. The monitoring system automatically opens tickets and the call centers are human interfaces to the car2go member also recording tickets, information and observations.

Still not perfect

For the car2go operation the daily goal is to maintain availability and improve the car2go service. Should an interruption or service degradation happen to the car2go service then in all cases focus shifts to restoring the car2go services.

Permanently one focal person is on duty with only this responsibility. To coordinate and communicate incidents and service recovery. A service interruption always releases a chain of actions.  Active customer communication and app notification.  Internal notification and escalation to key contacts.  And service recovery using redundant systems as well as coordinating with external partners if the root cause lies within the responsibility of partners.

All car2go systems are designed to 100% intermittence with redundancy. Partly self-healing with automatic rerouting, reconnection etc. This means that the yield and availability is at a very high level.  Every possible action is taken to improve and eliminate the reason and prevent future repetition.

On the car2go webpage additional information about the car2go service, locations and offers can be found. This is also where the registration to become a car2go member takes place in an online process.

Be a part of it

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