27 Nov 2016

Process of Business Value Estimation at car2go – Part 2

Some  insights and and facts about an interesting approach of how to focus on the most relevant topics. How is car2go performing the process of Business Value Estimation? How successful was the implementation so far?

Living the Process

If you missed the 1st part of the blog post, please click here.

Only minor adaptions were made to the process of Business Value Estimation, since the initial kick-off.  Two of the small changes are, that prior to any other effort each idea must:

  • been approved from a legal perspective
  • at least be estimated from the beneficial point of view

These requirements help to only work on relevant and achievable features.

part2 value process

The Feature Owner is in charge to set up a meeting with the Cross-Functional Business Experts (CFBE), once he/she got the approval from the Legal department. This group is consisting of:

  • the Feature Owner
  • two Product Owners
  • two members of the Senior Management


This group will perform the Business Value estimation. After a discussion round, the CFBE will agree upon one common value.

The idea will be listed in our Backlog, as soon as it has been classified as valuable and got approved by the management.
Hint: Backlog, in car2go terms, is a list of Features, which are prioritized by their respective Business Value

Features will be implemented by their ranking in the Backlog. Ideas having a high Business Value will be implemented first. All Features will be re-evaluated once they have been implemented in order to learn for the future.

Since car2go is following the agile principles of inspect and adapt: whenever an improvement to the process is seen, it will be evaluated and factored into the process.

Question: How is the Business Value calculated?
Answer: You will find the formula above.

Since the process implementation, self-organized CFBE meetings are happening almost on a daily basis throughout the whole company.

Did car2go achieve the ambitious goals?

Question: Do you remember them?

The answer is: Mostly.

Reached goals are:

  • Alignment of topics
  • Alignment of prioritization
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Transparency


The Cross-Functional Business Expert groups are also meeting on a regular basis in a self-organized fashion. The management, so far, approved most of the Features and their Business Values (> 80%). Also a tremendous job has been done in evaluating the Efforts (100 Features) and Benefits (88).

Unfortunately the process was not always followed thoroughly. Some features got effort estimated, but were then not pushed through the process. Others got benefit estimations, but did not follow through as well.
Therefore, the target of having Business Values Estimations on 78 Features by end of October, has been missed by 2 ideas.

Nevertheless is that a success rate of 97.4%. Also we have already delivered 12 features using this process.

car2go will continuously work on improving the process and hopefully soon everybody within the company knows about it J

What is your take away from this article?
How would you implement such a process?