10 Nov 2016

car2go at the Hackathon in Stuttgart

100 Hackers, 19 Ideas, 48 Hours = Fun. During last weekend, car2go had the opportunity to join the Hackathon Stuttgart as a main sponsor for the second year in a row. After about 60 participants in 2015, this year was a major step forward for this event: with 100 participants from all over Germany and other countries.

In addition to this great location, the Hackathon Stuttgart and its main Sponsors, car2go, BOSCH, Kaercher and Logicline offered the hackers a huge range of tools, services and APIs, that could be leveraged by the teams implementing the different ideas.

car2go as one of the visionary sponsors offered all participants not only access to the public car2go API, something we already did last year, this time we offered the teams access to four car2go vehicles and their respective telematics.

The Hackathon Stuttgart itself provided the hackers 3 very useful 3D printers, lot of TinkerForge devices and access to the Heroku cloud.

Those where all perfect conditions for an exciting 48 hours to come. But before actually starting the hacking, the participants did their one minute project pitches and the team building for all folks that didn’t come with an own idea.


During the next 48 hours all the teams went through several iterations of brainstorming, hacking, testing, pivoting, eating, etc. in order to come up with the final product.

car2go was present onsite almost all the time to support the projects using car2go technology within their solution.

As approached Sunday afternoon, you could see and feel the tension within all teams, approaching the finish line of the Hackathon. At 3pm, the final pitches started in front of all other teams and a lot of additional visitors that joined the hackers for the presentation.

Out of the 19 initial ideas, 18 teams made it to the finish line, actually presenting their achievements. Not being able to cover all teams/projects here, the Focus is on th teams that actually did something in the car2go space:


The folks from GoodByke presented and implemented the idea of a car2go-ish bike sharing service, using a special bike lock, that can be used to equip normal bike. Using your smartphone you can easily rent and unlock bike on the go.

They combined their service with car2go, both for intermodal usage as well as using car2go vehicles equiped with bike racks, to move bikes from bike sinks to high demand areas.


CAR2GETHER had the not so new idea of a ridesharing service based on car2go, i.e. the ability of car2go drivers to give other members a lift in order to utilize the capacity better and split trip costs between a group of people.


Ride2Go executed on the same idea like CAR2GETHER, which tells us, that something like this seems to be an obvious feature users wanted to see from car2go.


Last but not least, the guys from SocialBit literally did some real hacking, by implementing an old-school RPG, taking the venue at the Römerkastell as the actual playground, being able to interact with some of the IoT devices onsite within the game. So, you could virtually walk to an car2go in front of the entry and check the status of the vehicles out there.

After all the pitches have been presented by the teams, the jury came together to select the BEST IDEA as well as the BEST PITCH. In addition, the sponsors selected  their favorite projects with an own price.


Best Idea (1000 EURO)

As the best overall idea of the Hackathon Stuttgart the jury selected the internet of dogs, which builds around the idea, that dogs equipped with sensors would be able to detect approaching earthquakes or other disasters. Therfor the sensors have to be analyzed using big data algorithms and tools.

This idea has been considered as very feasible, as there are already dog collars available that do the basic tracking for dog owners, but there is no platform available right now to collect the all the sponsor data in one place.


Best Pitch (1000 EURO)

The best pitch prize goes to CAR2GETHER for a very entertaining and professional presentation of their ridesharing concept based on car2go. The team presented a story around a man and a woman which get to know eachother because of the service and the ability to share rides between members.

The pitch was to the point and was delivered within the three minute time limit, something that was a bit of the challenge for most of the teams.

car2go Prize (100 Euro mobility budget, a day at car2go)

Like all the main sponsors, car2go set also a special prize for the best car2go related idea/project. Between the four car2go related projects presented above, we decided to go for the CAR2GETHER team, as the team had both the most depth and the best pitch of all the car2go teams.

Each of the four team members will receive a mobility budget for car2go of 100 EURO. In addition, the team will be invited to join car2go for a day and experience what it looks like to develop a product like car2go on a daily basis.


As car2go we thank all of the participants this year for some awesome 48 hours of hacking, meeting people and ultimately having fun. We hope to see again next year.