5 Jul 2016

Product-team from Hamburg

More than eight years ago car2go was born in heads of people as a blurred idea. Since then, we’ve been trying hard to create a service that you are eager to use. Today, more than 1.2 million users can find us in 10 countries and 29 cities. We have built up our product into the biggest carsharing service.

The company has grown alongside the product. Now, including marketing, operations and development units, the organization has about five hundred people.

The development branch consists of twelve teams. They are located in Stuttgart, Ulm, Hamburg, Austin and even in Kuala Lumpur. As you can imagine, it is quite challenging to make all of them work together.

But let’s narrow our view to iOS and Android teams, where I am a team member. It was built up from the scratch in Hamburg. We’ve tried to find best specialists from all around the world and in the process created an international team with members coming from Germany, Ukraine, Russia, China, Egypt, Greece, Romania, Italy, Spain and Macedonia.

Obviously, it would be impossible to build a robust product just with developers, so we pulled in a few designers, quality assurance, product owners and a scrum master. We have grown into prosperous scrum team – circle of friends that like and enjoy their job, respect and help each other.

We are the rare case, when the team itself is willing to use the product. Trying to improve it in first place for themselves, fix any tiny issue and bring best user experience for you. And this is the crucial moment, without that you would have never got such small, but nice features like highlighting of the reserved vehicle, when you open the application, showing the amount of a free minutes, that were used for the trip or integration with 1password.

By using the product day after day, we can address challenges, that our users might face, and find how we can improve car2go, in order to make life of all of us better.

Our team hopes that you share our excitement about car2go. If you have any great ideas how to make it even better, let us know. Or if you are willing to peek at new features before public release, feel free to sign up for a beta testing on Android here or write us an email to ios-beta@car2go.com, if you are iOS user.

You can find interesting details of our working mode here.

Hamburg team in the world

Hamburg team in the world