Code of Conduct

Hello there!

We’re really glad to welcome you on the car2go blog. It’s very much appreciated that you share your thoughts and ideas with all of us so we can discuss carsharing and all other topics around car2go. In order to have open and respectful discussions on this blog, here are some rules to keep up our car2go spirit.

Remember: There’s a human on the other end

Even though you may be sitting alone in front of your computer screen, don’t forget that you’re actually talking to other humans.

An environment where people can freely say what they think and express themselves is the most beneficial for all – therefore, we won’t tolerate when people’s feelings are hurt on purpose or people are being abused. In general, we won’t tolerate swearing.

When you’re unsure: don’t say anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to the person’s face.

Just because you’re online the rules don’t really change

Stick with what’s ethical and what’s not in the offline world. Don’t break the law.

While we encourage you to share content from this blog on other social media channels, don’t share anybody’s ideas or other content outside of it without asking them first.

We don’t want spam in this community – so, do not post links to services or products or try to get people to buy something off you. Also, we kindly ask you to not share extremist views of any kind.

Everyone’s welcome

New visitors are always welcome on this blog and so are their comments and ideas. If you’re new and you’re not sure what to say how – just listen for a while before you write your first comment.

Be forgiving and constructive about other people’s mistakes (and your own)

If you know someone else is wrong, point it out to them in a constructive way. Don’t finger point or make them feel bad for sharing their thoughts. Be respectful about the learning curve of others. Instead of shaming them, help them grow.

Should somebody point out that you make a mistake (and they’re right about it) handle it graciously. Constructive feedback is likely to help you and the community to grow the most.

Avoid duplicate content to help ideas to grow

Before you post something make sure that it fits with the conversation – has somebody said the exact same thing already? Check if someone had the same idea before you create duplicate content.

That’s it!

These are the guidelines for the community spirit – let’s create it together.

Should a member violate one or several of them we will point it out to them at first as we believe that some things you don’t mean are said in the heat of the moment. They then get the chance to change or delete the comment themselves. Should they not do that or repeatedly break the community rules we will consider deleting their posts from our blog.

Thank you for sticking to the code of conduct and making this community a good place to be!