2 Oct 2019

SHARE NOW – Daimler meets BMW

Introducing SHARE NOW – the carsharing arm of the joint venture between Daimler AG and BMW Group, uniting car2go and DriveNow. It’s more than just a new name!

Since the invention of the automobile, Daimler AG and BMW Group have championed the freedom that comes with personal mobility. However, the more popular the automobile became, the more that this same freedom was limited by increasing road congestion, parking hassles, and ballooning costs.

It’s time to bring back the freedom of personal mobility- not by giving everyone a set of wheels, but by creating a global carsharing community, SHARE NOW!

SHARE NOW joins a family of five of the most innovative mobility solutions in the joint venture, along with FREE NOW, REACH NOW, PARK NOW, and CHARGE NOW.

What’s “SHARE NOW”?

With the merger of car2go and BMW’s mobility service DriveNow, SHARE NOW is going to be the world’s biggest carsharing company. By joining forces, we can focus on what really matters – innovation, growth, and creating a seamless mobility experience.

What will SHARE NOW look like?

Carsharing today has come a long way since its inception. That being said, there’s a tremendous opportunity for growth. In the future, we’re improving our offering to give you access to more vehicles (including smart, Mercedez-Benz, BMW & MINI vehicles) in more cities around the world, all in one SHARE NOW app!

As the mobility landscape evolves, so will SHARE NOW. We want to create new possibilities by using the technologies of the present and future, including electric and autonomous cars to bring mobility innovation to the world’s cities.

What does that mean for you?

You can use car2go as you normally would for now, and we’ll be in touch with any upcoming changes. For more information about SHARE NOW and answers to questions you may have, visit here.

In the future, we’re planning to build a common app to seamlessly access a suite of innovative mobility services.

What about you? Are you ready to change the future of mobility – together?