20 Dec 2018

“Drive to the Christmas party with car2go” and four other tips for a more relaxed festive season

There are just ten days to go and then we will either be waiting for Father Christmas or Santa Claus placing gifts under the tree. But before that, there are lots of errands to run and appointments to keep, for which a smaller or larger carsharing car can be useful.

Here car2go offers five tips on why it is even more worth to use a car2go during the pre-Christmas season:

1. Gifts can be transported more easily in the trunk than under the arm

It can be tricky transporting gifts home safely, particularly if they are large in size or quantity. This becomes especially complicated when the weather is bad and it is snowing or raining.

In this case, the best alternative to Santa’s sleigh is the car’s trunk. With the practical smart or a more spacious Mercedes-Benz car, car2go has the ideal solution for all sizes of gifts, from a humble wool pullover right up to a flat-screen TV.

2. As driver to the Christmas party and as passenger back home

For many people, mulled wine is just as indispensable for the Christmas festivities as a visit to a Christmas market. But, after just one hot mug of this alcoholic beverage, it is advisable to let someone else sit behind the steering wheel.

The most comfortable and safest solution is to hire a car2go to get there and come back home by taxi or public transport.

3. To the airport with car2go and with the airplane to the family

Christmas is known as the festival of love. As loved ones do not always live right next door, Christmas also becomes the festival of travel. car2go has parking facilities at eleven European airports.

There’s no easier and more comfortable way to travel to or from the airport with all the family gifts in tow.

4. Invest the money saved through carsharing in gifts

Car drivers know that fuel prices often increase on public holidays. Drivers of car2go cars, however, do not have to worry about such things. Fuel and electricity are included in the minute price, as well as insurance and parking fees.

And with a car2go package, car2go customers now pay even less per minute. The money saved can then be used for buying more gifts, for example, or perhaps a larger Christmas tree.

5. A festive season without hectic or the chore of finding a parking lot

“Silent night, holy night” – no way! Advent is often a time of stress instead of peacefulness. With the car2go packages, you are not only able to save money, you can also take your time choosing the perfect Christmas turkey.

In many car2go cities there are (reserved) parking spots in the city center or close to train stations providing free parking for car2go cars, making the search for somewhere to park during the festive season more relaxing.