10 Dec 2018

Four essential ways you should use car2go this holiday season

Has it been one of those years that feels like you blinked and it was over? Or was it one of those years that seemed to drag on forever? Either way, 2019 is looming near, and we’re in the thick of the holiday season. Lucky for you, car2go has some tips to get through some of the stress in style, and bring a little holiday cheer back into your year!

For many, the 62 days between Halloween and January 1 can be full of festivity and joy. But for others, it can be full of bleak brouhaha and unnecessary familial drama, especially after a year like 2018.

1 Take a leisurely drive to find local holiday light displays

Grab a group of your most festive friends and reserve the nearest car2go to take a leisurely holiday drive while you ooh and ah at your city’s local popular holiday light displays.

And while you’re admiring the lights, think about the effort it took to string hundreds of little lights up on each house – and chuckle at the thought that there was definitely at least one guy who totally Clark Griswold-ed the entire project.

From National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


2 Escape awkward family small talk

Family small talk have you feeling anxious? Grandma wants to know everything about your dating life? Aunt Kathy asking about who you voted for?

Don’t worry, car2go has your back with a perfect excuse to escape: “I’m sorry, but my car2go rental is expiring in 5 minutes.”

And just like that, you’re on your way to freedom.



3 Treat yo’self

Schedule that post-holiday self-care! Through the tizzy of buying presents for everyone you love, running around like a mad person, and carelessly carefully wrapping all the presents, don’t forget about you!

Hop in a car2go and point it toward to the nearest spa or ice cream shop… or both.

 Old Towne Pet Resort


4 Help someone out

It’s easier than ever to get caught up in the holiday seasons’ inherent gluttony, as holiday wish lists seems to grow in price tag every year.

But, the holiday season is really about sharing the love and giving back to others.

Whether you’re taking car2go to volunteer at a soup kitchen for a few hours, or heading up to the local animal shelter to help out, showing others (and animals!) compassion and care is the best way to get into the holiday spirit.



And no matter what happens this holiday season, car2go is here to help you enjoy it…or just get through it!

Happy holidays from car2go!