31 Oct 2018

car2go at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol ✈️

Good news for those traveling between Amsterdam and Schiphol: car2go is extending its carsharing service to Schiphol Airport by opening special parking spots for the electric cars of car2go.

We are proud to offer you 16 special car2go parking spots in the public park garage of the World Trade Centre (floor -2, row 98/99).

From now on, you can park your car2go at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to catch your flight and even reserve a car2go just after landing to arrive at your destination smoothly.

In this blog, we explain how to reach the car2go parking spots, both to Schiphol Airport and from the arrival hall.

Parkeerplaatsen Schiphol Airport

Route to the car2go parking spots from Amsterdam  ?

1. Follow the signs to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

2. After leaving the motorway, keep left lane towards ‘P6 Valet’

3. Then take the first exit on the left towards ‘P6 Valet’

4. Turn left at the end of the exit and follow the signs ‘P6 Valet’

5. Then drive straight ahead for 300 meters on Schiphol Boulevard

6. Turn right towards WTC Schiphol Parking

7. Take the middle lane, then the barrier will open automatically

8. In the garage, follow the signs ‘Car sharing’

If this does not work, you can enter the following address in the navigation of your smartphone: Schiphol Boulevard 329, 1118 BG Schiphol

Opening the barriers works with license plate recognition. Drive all the way up to the barrier.

If the barrier does not open automatically, you can press the intercom ℹ.

Map Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Route to the car2go parking spots from the arrival hall ?

1. From the central hall, follow the signs ‘P parking/Rental car pick up’

2. Take the moving walkways (4x) to the end and turn left

2. Take the elevator to -2

3. From the elevator, go to the right and then turn left, the hub is in front of you

How much does parking at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol cost?

The use of the special car2go parking spots at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol costs the usual rent (€ 0.31 cents/min.) + a surcharge of € 8.90 (if you start or end the ride at Schiphol).

A 30-minute ride to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol costs € 18.20 (30 x € 0.31 = € 9.30 + € 8.90).

Would you like to use our facilities at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, but you are not yet a car2go member? Sign up now!