7 Oct 2018

car2go CLA – more than just a rental

Well known in the Canadian and our US locations the car2go CLA is probably the most popular car in our fleet. Not only does the Mercedes Benz CLA offers a dynamic driving feeling, it’s elegant design and luxurious interiour also  makes you experience your home town in a complete new way.

And that’s no surprise – With room for 5 passengers the Mercedes CLA gives you and your friends enough space on your trip. Being more spacy than our smart fortwo cars the CLA speciality also is its velocity: from 0 – 100 kp/h in only 9.2 seconds!

car2go + CLA = Maximum Drivers Safety

As the CLA is the fastest horse in our car rental fleet, its obvious that we provided the car with state of the art safety- and comfort features. Among other things these are:

  • secure driving feeling thanks to 4Matic allwheel drive
  • Blind Spot Assistent
  • lane departure warning system
  • rear view camera
  • Collision warner
  • adaptive breakting system

In addition car2go participates and supports Vision Zero goals in order to eliminate all deaths on US and Canadian roadways. See the full story here.

car2go cla

Our most exclusive car available – yet

And the best is yet to come: The CLA is equipped with the best Hi-fi System in our fleet. Enjoy your ride with high end sounds made by Harman & Kardon, connect your smartphone via bluetooth and sing along whenever you like.

Of course the car2go CLA comes with hands free equipment and besides the heated sites the all wheel drive enables you to master every situation. Top notch navigation systems made by Mercedes and the fully automatic air conditioning system are completing this urban explorer.

How to  rent the car2go CLA?

Like every other car in our fleet, the rental process is easy and fast with the help of our free Car Sharing App. Unlike traditional car rental agencies you can find the car2go CLA all over the Home Area in your town.
If you want to drive a Mercedes CLA, just start the app, find a CLA and reserve it up to 30 minutes (if needed).

You can start sharing the Mercedes as long as you are in the car2go Home Areas of following cities in the US and Canada: Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, Austin, Washington, Seattle, Portland, NYC and Denver.

The exact process on how to rent the car2go CLA is shown in the following video:

Can I rent the car2go CLA for a day – or longer?

Yes, sure. It’s possible to rent our cars for longer periods of time (up to 48hours) for a low price with the car2go packages.
You can find the pricing overview for using a Mercedes CLA in combination with a package here on our website.

And now you! – Did you drive the car2go CLA yet? What are your favorite features? Let us know 🙂