5 Jun 2018

Commerce + Creativity – car2go at C2 Montréal

C2 Montréal is unlike any conference you’ve been to before: a completely immersive, experiential collision of creative minds sharing expertise, inspiration, and innovation. C2 – standing for Creativity and Commerce – combines inspiring talks, experimental brainstorming, workshops, and networking opportunities to challenge the future of business.

car2go has always been a strong match with C2 Montréal as a transportation option (parking around the conference can be quite tricky!). This year we went a step further and found ways of sharing access to this experience in the most unique ways.

We were proud to share access to this unique experience with four select winners of 3-day passes. In order to enter, contestants had to answer one of two questions:

  1. We live in a shared eco-system – what do you do to make it better?
  2. If more people used greener transportation options like car2go, what would the future look like?

One of the winners, Clémence de Robert answered:

I bring people together in events, I participate in building communities of people who want to create something beautiful for the world. Because I believe that together, we are stronger and smarter. I see a world where the power of collaboration (instead of competition) could make us share the same eco-system (instead of fighting for it) where everyone could live with what they need. I am developing all the skills to be able to create my own projects and my own business, in order to participate in creating the world in which to live in. One of these skills is graphic design, so I drew a design for the occasion. I have been dreaming of going to C2 for a few years because getting inspired and connecting with people is my main source of power for my projects.

Clemence de Robert at C2

Clémence de Robert at C2 Montréal

C2 Montréal  – the hidden room

We were also proud to share access in another way – with a private space hiding in plain sight. Walking up to the innocent-looking car2go Flower Shop, one would never assume it was a front for something else.

Fleuriste C2

Attendees who used the password “Proud to Share” were able to unlock access to a hidden room, a speakeasy of sorts, tucked inside the shop. Conferences are loud and overwhelming, but this secret space allowed attendees to get some quiet time or to network in a comfortable space.

Hidden room

We shared access with select attendees and contest winners to a small meet-and-greet with Freya Williams, author of Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability into Billion-Dollar Businesses. There she addressed incorporating sustainability as a key business objective and held an intimate Q&A. It was a unique opportunity with an industry expert that attendees were grateful to be a part of.

Freya Williams

And of course, we provided easy access to and from C2 Montréal with a Drop Zone out front.

We were grateful to play a part in this forward-thinking conference and recommend it to all who are looking for a unique networking experience and want to change the world by building something better.


Have you ever taken part in C2 Montréal?