15 May 2018

Five different types of carsharing users

Sustainable, individual and flexible – that’s why carsharing is so good. And that’s why it’s being used in an ever-increasing number of large cities. Thanks to the individual and flexible options it offers, carsharing is ideal for a wide range of people.

car2go has grouped together the five most common types of carsharing users:

1. The urbanites

This group includes mainly young men and women who live in busy city centers. They have consciously decided to enjoy the benefits of carsharing and to not own their own car. The main reason for this decision is the fixed costs which car ownership brings with it. They use public transport, bicycles and car2go – according to their current requirements.


2. The tourists

Tourists are new to a city and hence don’t know their way around. They have left their own car at home and carsharing thus provides the ideal alternative. They are always able to use a car whenever they need one – whether to make a tour of the city or to hop from one sightseeing attraction to the next. Registration with a European driving license is really easy in the free car2go app and only takes a few minutes. And, all members who have already registered in another European country can simply rent the next car2go using their existing account. 🙂


3. The business people

Businessmen and women often travel around the city from one meeting to the next. Carsharing offers them the easiest and cheapest way of selecting from a large fleet of vehicles so they arrive at exactly the right time for the next meeting.


4. The weekenders

Trying to park in the city center on a weekend can sometimes turn into mission impossible. And to top it all, public transport services often have reduced services at night. With the car2go smart, its small size means that it fits into almost any parking space – thus making it the ideal means of transport for all those who prefer to spend their weekend at the movies or in a restaurant instead of searching for somewhere to park.


5. The multitaskers

Doing the shopping, picking up clothes from the cleaners, driving the kids to school or visiting relatives on a Sunday – these users enjoy the full benefits of flexible carsharing. They don’t have to use public transport to run all their errands and the heavy shopping bags fit easily into a car2go.


Of course, there are lots of other types of user, after all, everyone is unique…. but that is what is so special about carsharing: there is always a car available when needed, it’s easy to get from A to B, and everyone can use it flexibly and individually to fit their own personal requirements.


Which group of carsharing users do you belong to?