27 Apr 2018

The future of mobility – without owning a car: Can you make it?

“What does the future of Mobility look like?”: The participants of the “RED BULL CAN YOU MAKE IT?“ car2go Challenge reveal their ideas.

Despite the many different answers, a clear trend can be seen.

A future without owning a car

The majority of the teams see the future of mobility in carsharing, ridesharing and the use of local public transport. The main priority is to be able to travel easily or cheaply from A to B as spontaneously as possible with a suitable mobility option. In particular, both carsharing and ridesharing should offer a comfortable and affordable alternative to owning one’s own car, as these options can save fixed costs and space and, especially in cities, offer high availability. The car will increasingly become a luxury item.

The teams of the “RED BULL CAN YOU MAKE IT?” event have already proven that even longer journeys are possible within a short time without actually owning a car.


Electric and environmentally friendly

According to the Challenge participants, mobility will be sustainable in the future. Electric mobility, together with carsharing and ridesharing, will help protect the environment and also reduce traffic noise in cities.

Future of Mobility

Self-driving cars

Almost all of the Challenge participants mentioned that “self-driving vehicles” will be one of the main topics in the future of mobility.

In addition to sharing and electric mobility, this topic also plays an important role at car2go.


How do you imagine mobility will be in the future?