24 Apr 2018

Why sharing is better than owning

Sharing is defined as “to partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with others”. But why is it actually better to share than to have something just for yourself?

In the “RED BULL CAN YOU MAKE IT?” car2go Challenge, the teams share their personal opinions on the question: “Why is sharing better than owning?” The answers are very varied – in the forefront for almost every participant, however, is the feeling of part of a community. Meeting new friends, enjoying time with others and helping to protect the environment are also key arguments.

Save money by sharing

Of course, there is also another important reason why sharing is becoming increasingly popular: it saves money as the fixed costs are shared with others. Through sharing, people are able to use things which they may otherwise not have had the opportunity of using for whatever reason.

For example, if you own a car, you have to pay for all the costs of insurance, road tax, etc. yourself. As a member of a sharing community, the costs are divided up among all the users so that each only pays in proportion to how much they use the vehicle – sharing thus has a positive effect for everyone.

Sharing in everyday life

It is not only carsharing which is becoming increasingly popular, the trend is also developing in other areas of everyday life. There are people, for example, who share their own living accommodation or garden with others, or lend out household equipment which they are not currently using.

The sharing of things with others is not just a short-term trend. It is an attitude that protects your wallet and, as existing resources are used more efficiently, also protects the environment.

The participants of the “RED BULL CAN YOU MAKE IT?” car2go Challenge are also following the trend, which is why the entire car2go team is #proudtoshare!


What motivates you to share things with others?