14 Apr 2018

Travel the world without money – Can you make it?

We’re all familiar with the problem – if you have the time to travel you don’t have the money, if you have the money you don’t have the time. So how can you travel with the time you have, but without any money? The participants in the event “RED BULL CAN YOU MAKE IT? are traveling across Europe for one week with no money at all.

More than 200 students from over 60 countries are facing up to the challenge: they’re handing over their cash, credit cards and smartphones at the beginning of the event and in return will receive 24 cans of Red Bull and one smartphone. And car2go is part of it!

The teams will start at one of the five starting points across Europe, all on the same day at the same time. Within a week they have to make it to the final event in Amsterdam with the help of the cans of Red Bull and the smartphone. On their journey the teams have to master various challenges to collect enough points. The winning team can look forward to a unique trip from Destination Red Bull.

The car2go Challenge

One way to get closer to the destination is to complete the car2go Challenge. As a sponsor, car2go is presenting its own challenge, which is a chance for the teams to earn points.

To do this, the teams have to record their own personal answer to one of the questions “Why is sharing better than owning?” or “What does the future of mobility look like?” in front of a car2go and share it with the world.

But how can the participants even find a car2go? It’s easy: the car2go app is installed on the smartphone provided and can be used to find the nearest car2go.

Travel without money, but with cans of Red Bull

The ticket machine for the bus probably won’t accept drinks cans as a means of payment, nor will the driver of the passing taxi… so it’s all about the teams’ negotiating skills and charm. Can they find a ride that can be paid for in cans of Red Bull? Where will the participants sleep and how will they satisfy their hunger?

It will be interesting to see which teams we’ll meet again at the end of the event in Amsterdam!

Until then, car2go will keep you posted on Facebook.


Have you ever traveled without any money at all? What are your tips?