22 Mar 2018

car2go meets.. VIP Member all over Europe

We met up with some rather well known members in five different countries and invited them to take us on a sightseeing tour of their own city… including insider tips and personal highlights.

In Munich, Madrid, Milan, Vienna, Amsterdam and Stuttgart, a celebrity paired up with a local car2go expert for a personal sightseeing tour.

We have recorded their stories in a very special series of videos.


car2go meets… who, where and why?

The equation is quite simple:

   1 car2go employee
+ 1 VIP car2go member
+ 1 car2go of their choice

= 1 personalized tour of the city + 1,000 exciting insights



The idea behind the “car2go meets” series is to create very personal city sightseeing tours.

Six local celebrities have taken six car2gos and shown six local car2go experts their own personal sightseeing tours of their cities.

Everything was included, from childhood memories, to the best restaurants, top insider tips and favorite city sights.


Need some new inspiration for your own city?

Even if you feel you are really cosmopolitan and up-to-date, it’s still quite often the case that you’re not certain where the best restaurants, coolest streets and trendiest shops are.

Take a moment to find out how someone else experiences your city and let yourself be inspired at the same time.


Or, maybe you want to take a break?

Travel to another European metropolis at the click of a button from the comfort of your own couch. Afterwards, you can either just wallow in the memories or start planning your next weekend away.

And the best is, even if everything else is unfamiliar, there is still one thing which remains the same: a car2go with which you can explore the city.


A journey through Europe in six videos

We traveled to six of our locations for our “car2go meets” series and joined up with some very different and interesting people.



Radio and TV star Xosé Castro showed us his Madrid: his favorite spots and some architectural highlights which really shouldn’t be missed.

He also explained what Ahuehuete is and where it can be found…



Milan is representative for all the Italian locations. Here, we met up with actor and comedian Marcello Macchia, who is better known as Maccio Capatonda.

As always in Italy, the main subjects during the tour were food and amore.

Take a look here for the best tips for the first date.


In Austria’s capital, we met up with YouTuber and columnist Michi Buchinger. On the tour, he revealed where to get the best sausages in Vienna and what his secret hobby is.



We drove through the mother city of German hip hop with the producer and music manager Bär Läsker. He also took us to his studio and told us about the first musical efforts of the Fantastischen Vier hip hop band.



Attorney and activist Oscar Hammerstein took us along the Grachten and past the many historical buildings. You can see his personal restaurant recommendations here.



We met up with model and DJane Gitta Saxx in the Bavarian capital. You can find out here why she chose to stay the same age for a while and why her favorite place is the Viktualienmarkt.


Which “car2go meets” video was your favorite and which city should we visit next time?