11 Feb 2018

Car romance – or car love

As we all know, love knows no boundaries. And again, as we all know, it is generally men who are smitten – they just love their cars! In our Top 3 collection, we show just how far some of them have taken this passion.

Here at car2go, we also love each and every single one of our 14,000 cars. But, we keep our love to a healthy level – and we are even willing to share them.

For our Top 3 car lovers, this would most certainly not be an option!


The love of cars

Probably everyone knows someone who is mad about cars.

You can spot them in normal everyday life, for example, as they risk their necks dashing across the street to take a photo of a car which has caught their eye.

And then, afterwards, they marvel at, speculate about and noddingly appreciate the precious piece of craftsmanship in all its glory.


The Top 3 exceptional car lovers

As sometimes happens with human love, the love of cars can also get out of hand.

The boundaries between collector, lover and, shall we say, “extreme enthusiast” are somewhat blurred.

In 3rd place:  hidden treasures in New York City

On Staten Island in the heart of New York City, the American Lenny Shiller collects oldtimers from all over the world.

His private collection currently includes around 60 cars, each of which has its own story – like the Ford V8, which featured in the “Bonny and Clyde” movie.

Source: autobild.de

Just the cost of financing the 1,000m² exhibition hall in the middle of New York shows that he really does love his cars…


In 2nd place: car love in XXL size. More is sometimes more.

Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan is a sheik, lives in Abu Dhabi and is one of the world’s richest men. And, what’s more, he is a dedicated car lover.

Of course, with so much wealth, a “normal” car collection wouldn’t be enough – the sheik’s fleet of vehicles includes some of the craziest cars in the world.

Source: enam.ae

One of them is a jeep with tires which are almost twice as high as a person. Or, there is a motor home which holds the Guinness World Record for being the biggest of its kind. Now that’s what you call being a HUGE car fanatic!


In 1st place: is that really a car?

In 1st place is Mr. Sudhakar, a very unusual car lover from India: His Sudha Cars Museum contains the world’s wackiest cars.

There are cars which look like a billiard table or a hamburger, and there’s even a drive-around Football.

Source: sudhacars.com

The creator of these vehicles must have the love of cars in his genes, as there’s no other explanation as to why he started to construct such curious cars at the young age of just 14.