30 Dec 2017

car2go 2017 – a look back

Normally, at car2go, we always look towards the future. At the end of the year, however, we also want to take a look back and share our personal conclusions from 2017 with you.

There’s no doubt about it, 2017 was an exciting and eventful year at car2go, with many changes all over the world.

This year, however, we don’t want to write an objective review full of facts and figures. We want to give a personal insight into what made 2017 special for some of the departments.


Olivier Reppert, CEO car2go: I’m really proud of our customers

Three points set car2go apart from the others:

  • the excellent app as an interface to the customers,
  • the extremely fast rental process, and
  • great, premium cars.


With the new car2go packages, the conversion to Hardware 3.0 or the introduction of the new Mercedes-Benz models, we have made additional, important steps towards an exhilarating customer experience this year.

And, as a result, we have not only won various awards, we have also won over 700,000 new customers.

Hence, there are now 2.9 million people all over the world who are “proud to share” – and this makes me really proud!

Olivier Reppert, CEO car2go


William Knapp, Chief Product Officer: Developing the best technology to enhance the service is key

There were so many great achievements by our team in 2017, many new and interesting features shaping the future of car2go were delivered to our customers.

However one of the biggest achievements is one that our customers will never notice but will greatly appreciate.

Earlier this year our teams deployed to production our first applications using Kubernetes for container orchestration.

Using this technology we will be able to provide more robust, available and scalable service to our customers.

William Knapp, Chief Product Officer 


Raphael Stange, CMO global, Marketing & Sales: We have shown that we are “proud to share”

In Marketing & Sales, we are especially pleased about two achievements:

On the one hand, we were able to revise the appearance of the brand within just a few months and strengthen it with the “PROUD TO SHARE” claim.

And on the other hand, we recorded in 2017 the strongest customer growth in the history of car2go. Our customers have measurably rewarded us for our efforts.

No better praise can be given for marketers.

Raphael Stange, CMO global, Marketing & Sales 


Christian Müller, Head of Global Communications car2go Group: It’s spinning (in our heads)

Our biggest communication challenge in 2017 was actually a luxurious problem: namely, not to completely overload journalists with all the good news.

New record levels again and again for the numbers of employees, electric journeys and total rentals, online validations, packages, AMGs, cooperations, new hardware, new car models – enough to make your head spin.

We sometimes had to hold back press releases a day or two so that they didn’t all come at once. What a brilliant year!

Christian Müller, Head of Global Communications car2go Group 


Although these are just personal insights and not a complete overview, we can be certain that we at car2go are all proud of what we have achieved in 2017 and know why we have received such good feedback from our members.

The to-do list for next year is, however, already growing so you can look forward to lots of news, stories and features in the new year!


What will be on your car2go New Year wish list?