15 Dec 2017

What kind of Christmas type are you?

When it comes to christmas, the opinions tend to differ sharply. Some get really aggressive by all the christmas stuff and real grinches, some try to avoid the whole thing and for some it is the most wonderful time of the year. Which type are you? Take a car2go and get away from all the spectacle, or celebrate to the fullest?


My first thought when I think about Christmas:

I like Christmas because...

At Christmas, I normally wear:

Christmas is a time to show your loved ones how much they mean to you with a small gift. Of course, I do this too. What I do:

In the car2go, “Last Christmas” from Wham is playing. My feelings:

After Christmas...

What kind of Christmas type are you?
Netflix and Chill (also at Christmas)

You don’t get stressed. Not even at Christmas. You can’t really understand why everyone else has a problem. You take it as it comes and look forward to the free time.

car2go tip: the new episodes of El Chapo, the Crown and Easy are coming live right on time for the festive season. So at least it won’t be boring.
Christmas lover of the sort: preparation is everything!

It makes you feel all warm just thinking about Christmas. You are the person who can rejoice over baking 15 kinds of homemade cookies and have already written the 5-page to-do list in mid-November.

car2go tip: enjoy the time, try to infect others with your enthusiasm and try to convert a Grinch or two.
Too much is not enough

You are a person of pleasure, which is why the Christmas season is just perfect for you! Feasting, partying, enjoying – what more could one want?

car2go tip: Order a small detox pack in advance ready for the beginning of January – it will make the re-start easier!
The incarnation of Christmas

You take Christmas REALLY seriously and have enough enthusiasm for 10! It needs people like you to spread the Christmas spirit – so keep up the good work!

car2go tip: Plan a nice day out for early January so that when reality kicks in after the festive season you still have something to look forward to. A car2go will be ready and waiting for you!

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