2 Nov 2017

Feature Overview: The new car2go AMGs

In 2016, the car2go Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupé was the first AMG to be piloted in Berlin. Now, its incredibly positive reception by the car2go members has paved the way for another extended pilot phase in which five Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 4MATIC will join the fleets in both Hamburg and Munich.

Ever since the Mercedes-Benz car2gos have been introduced to the fleet, members have become quite familiar with driving larger cars as well. The newcomers, however, bring their very own set of features that provide additional safety on the one hand and a more intense driving experience on the other.

Some of these features require a short introduction:


The new Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 4MATIC accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 4,2 seconds, making it considerably faster than the car2go CLA 180’s 9 seconds that members are used to.

And even though this allows a more dynamic acceleration, it also requires a certain degree of sensitivity when driving a vehicle with this kind of potential. So, anyone who is not accustomed to such a fast acceleration should really take their time and make themselves familiar with it.

AMG Performance 4MATIC

The variable four-wheel drive that the car2go AMGs are all equipped with reacts spontaneously according to the driving situation. Meaning that amongst others, it can stabilize the vehicle in turns and other more challenging situations.

This way, it doesn’t take away anything from the emotional aspect of the driving experience, but rather provides a considerable amount of additional security.

LED high-performance Headlights

These days, the car2go CLAs are also partly equipped with this headlight package.

It provides a better and further view by night and thereby guarantees additional safety.

AMG high-performance Braking System

The AMG high-performance braking system showcases a higher and more precise brake efficency that once again ensures an increased level of security on the one hand and a sportier driving experience on the other.

AMG Chassis & Parameter Steering

The AMG chassis as well as the parameter steering follow the same principle:

They reduce the possibility of the vehicle faltering on the road and thereby allow very precise steering, which then again supports the overall safety and has a positive effect on the emotional component.

Wide Tires

The car2go newcomers come with a set of wide tires – that way they have a better grip on the road for an ideal stability when turning or braking.

However, what members need to keep in mind is that in wet conditions wide tires cause a higher risk of aquaplaning. Therefore, when in doubt, don’t risk anything and take a moment to assess the situation.

AMG Interior

Visual sportiness is of course also a part of the driving experience. For this reason, the car2go AMGs are equipped with the AMG instrument cluster and the iconic red visual highlights.

Parking Assistant

This safety package is a feature that can also be found in the current car2gos. So naturally, it will also be available in the car2go AMGs in order to provide more control and a better overview when parking.

AMG Transmission

The high-performance automatic transmission combined with the dual clutch allows a smooth shift from one gear into another without breaking power.

For those who prefer to shift gears manually for the ultimate emotionality, there is the possibility to do so at the steering wheel.

AMG Sports Exhaust System

The AMGs are equipped with a valve operating exhaust system that either creates a rather inconspicuous or a rather emotional atmosphere,  depending on the preferred driving mode.

Apart from that, the AMG’s fuel consumption is only slightly above the consumption of the current car2go CLA – with the CLA 180 combining 5,4l compared to the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 combining 9,6l.


Some of the features above are often explained during safety trainings. Did you ever take part in one of these and why? Or why not? Leave a comment below!