18 Sep 2017

Global Series Feature: GM Chet Ridenour

Beneath car2go’s unique and well-known brand lay the passionate hearts and brilliant minds who ensure success every day. As diverse and colorful as our employees backgrounds are is how interesting and varied their tasks can be!

But not every job title is self-explanatory, so let’s dig a little deeper, starting with a General Manager.

Featured in this post is Chester “Chet” Ridenour. Chet is the GM of our Columbus, Ohio location and has been at car2go since 2013.

In that time, Chet has been instrumental to the success of car2go Columbus and car2go NA. His endless passion for the brand has made him a go-to person for all things car2go, so let’s learn more about him!

1. What does a day in the life of a GM look like?

While the GM role has shifted over time, two of our main priorities now are community engagement and business development.

Each morning I usually take a quick look at our fleet distribution as well as active trips and out-of-service vehicles.

There’s usually a few invoices to review and approve as well. Then, it’s time to dive and catch up on as many emails as possible.

Each day can be a little different as there’s often a handful of conference calls a week with our teams at HQ.


2. How did you become a GM?

I was born this way (laughs). I was originally hired as the right-hand man for the previous GM. When I came onboard, our CEP Paul challenged me to make car2go part of the cultural fabric of Columbus.

I have always taken this seriously and was given the chance to move up into the GM position soon after!


3. What do you love most about your job?

I love making connections that will improve people’s lives.

I’m not only a car2go GM but I’m a member and use the service as much as possible.


4. If you didn’t become a GM, what would you be doing?

I’d probably be backpacking around the world, staying in hostels, soaking in the culture, food, and dancing.

In general, learning more about this beautiful world we live in.


5. Aside from working in Columbus, what do you love about the city?

#allthethings! Our former mayor would say this is the best city in America.

I’d say it’s the best city to live, work, and PLAY! It’s a big city, but it has a small town feel.

Everybody from a CEO to a councilmember seems like they are within reach and down to earth.


6. Describe car2go in three words:

Besides car-to-go? Innovative, Liberating, Clutch.


7. What is important for you in working life?

I love enjoying the team I’m working with, being excited about going into the office every day, and knowing my efforts are valued and rewarded.

For me, it is also important to have fun while at work. That could be going for a walk around the block at lunch or playing a game of ping pong to get the creative juices flowing.

I think we have that open and forward thinking type of culture.


8. Why is working for car2go special?

We’re a team. We make working together fun and exciting.

You can feel that connection when we have video conferences and team syncs.

You are making real connections with real people that I feel can continue even outside the office.

At the end of the day it’s the people that make the difference and here at car2go we have some of the best people in the industry.


9. Would you let us hook up your “Recently Played” list on Spotify to the office speakers?

You betcha! But be prepared for some obscure Springsteen hits and some folksy bluegrass treats.


Still got questions? Let us know in the comment section below.