31 Aug 2017

Brand Immersion Experience: A sit down with Ken Hills

In May, car2go published a blog post on the Brand Immersion Experience Program which detailed out the amazing experience of going to Birmingham, AL and learning all about Mercedes-Benz’s manufacturing, history, and technology.  Since some of the car2go employees recently went through the program, car2go thought it would interview one of them!

Ken Hills is currently the General Manager of Portland, OR location and has been with car2go since 2012.  In that time, he has been instrumental in growing the Portland location and his experience has helped grow many other locations!


Why were you excited to attend?

I was very excited for the chance to drive the best cars in the world, including Mercedes’s AMG line. I have always been a car nut, so to have that opportunity to do it on the track was a dream come true!


What impressed you most about the program itself and staff?

The program stressed that the best employees are the ones that feel engaged and enthusiastic about the company they work for.

From the quality and history of the product to creating extraordinary customer experiences, it made us feel proud about what we are all working towards.  The brand ambassadors were so engaged with everything we did.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to showcase our products and build loyalty within our existing employees.  And it worked! Everybody I spoke to walked out being very excited and wanting to tell everyone about their experience.


How did you relate the teachings at Brand Immersion to car2go?

At the end of the day, the program is really focused on providing the best customer service possible, either through carshare or selling Mercedes-Benz products themselves to customers.

At car2go, we do both!


What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was undoubtedly driving the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 and GLA45 AMG on the autocross track! If I had just the chance to ride in the car with the instructor, I would have been very happy. But to follow behind the instructor and be challenged to keep up, it was incredible.

To be fully trusted driving a car like that on the track was really memorable. That’s what I was hoping for before I went!


What was something surprising you learned in the program that you didn’t know before?

It was extremely interesting to witness firsthand the technology and avoidance systems Mercedes-Benz vehicles are made with. You hope to never have to actually use it, but it was fantastic to witness on the track.

I also wasn’t expecting as much discussion surrounding how to provide the best service and have the happiest employees, and I was really glad to see it.


What were your two greatest takeaways from BIX?

First, it gave me a better understanding of the amazing family of companies we work for.  Mercedes-Benz and Daimler have such rich heritage and continue to be the leader in automotive technology. They are definitely the most cutting-edge cars available today.

Second it was that Daimler, Mercedes-Benz, and car2go really care about their employees. To create a program like this and let us experience the best we have to offer, I couldn’t be more proud of the company I work for.


Have you any questions regarding the program?