24 Aug 2017

How do you use car2go abroad?

Other countries, other customs – car2gos can be driven by members in all European locations, but it’s worth looking at these tips about the different countries to ensure that no problems occur.

Good news: you don’t have to do without the luxury of having a car available for use just because you’re on vacation. Because you can also drive car2gos when abroad.

The use of car2gos abroad is no different to their use in your home country. But take a look at these tips to make it even easier:


Accept the terms of use

The terms of use of the respective country have to be agreed to before the first rental. After this, everything works in exactly the same way as usual.

When you start a rental for the first time abroad, or reserve a car, a window opens up automatically requesting that you agree to the T&Cs. Simply click on “Agree” and you’re ready to drive. Important: the notice will always appear in the language of the respective country.

Tip: the T&Cs of the vacation country can also be accepted in advance from home. To do so, reserve a car in the desired country – the window will then open up automatically as described above.


Different parking regulations in the various locations

The parking regulations vary not only in the different countries, but also between the individual cities.

It is therefore very tricky to keep an overview. Luckily, you can read all the parking regulations for the different locations on the car2go website.


Various payment models

There are different payment models in some of the countries. You may therefore have to enter an additional method of payment in your account before you can use a car2go in a different country.

The payment method can be easily changed in the app: go to your personal settings (click on your user name in the menu) and go to “Payment information”. Here, you can add an additional method of payment.

Which methods of payment are acceptable in which countries can be found in the T&Cs of the respective countries. Generally, the following apply:


  • Germany: Credit card and SEPA scheme
  • Austria: Credit card and SEPA scheme
  • Netherlands: Credit card and SEPA scheme
  • Italy: Credit card
  • Spain: Credit card and girocard


Data volumes abroad

If you want to drive with car2go abroad, you have to remember that you need an Internet connection to be able to do so. This is essential because the cars can only be rented/returned via the app.

In many European cities, such as Vienna and Milan, there are already city hotspots which offer free WiFi.


Madrid, Amsterdam and Stuttgart are electrical

In Madrid, Amsterdam and Stuttgart, the entire car2go fleets are electrically driven. It may be that you have to disconnect your car2go from the charging station before driving off.

But don’t worry, it’s really easy. Connecting up to a charging station is also really fast and simple.

Here is a short guide for the inexperienced:


Traffic regulations for the various countries

Although the use of car2gos abroad is the same as in your home country, the local traffic regulations may, however, be completely different and unfamiliar.

In Spain, for example, a certain driving behavior has become customary for roundabouts: a right blinker means that the car will leave the roundabout at the first exit and a left blinker means that the car will continue to drive around the roundabout.

In the Netherlands, however, you have to watch out for the many cyclists and in Germany, there are special rules at certain traffic lights: if the traffic lights have a green arrow sign attached then you are allowed to (carefully!) turn right even if the lights are still red.

It is therefore recommended that you obtain information about the traffic regulations for the respective country before you head off.

The car2go blog also contains the most important traffic regulations for Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands.


Have you ever found it helpful to have a car2go available for use when on vacation? If yes, then how?

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