13 Aug 2017

Proud to share: the new car2go brand world

Proud to share is the new brand claim from car2go – Christian Peters, Brand Strategist at car2go explains in an interview what this means for the whole community.

When the marketing departments and creative agencies of this world start speculating on how a brand and all its qualities can be integrated into one logo, then it can sometimes become rather difficult. With the new proud to share brand claim from car2go, however, it was completely different…

Tell us a few secrets, Christian, about why proud to share was chosen.

“To be quite honest, proud to share was originally planned as a campaign idea – as a temporary action. But we immediately realized that it hits the right spot so precisely for us that we saw much greater potential for proud to share than just as a campaign slogan. This reaction was also reflected by many marketing colleagues from the various car2go countries.

For the first time, we have something which binds all car2go countries and cities together and also offers the opportunity of positioning the brand as a market leader and to create trust. Furthermore, proud to share is not only a good basis for positively anchoring the brand in the minds of the consumers, it also allows sufficient scope to be able to carry out marketing measures under the claim.

What underlies the feeling that proud to share sums up car2go so perfectly ?

“To be able to speak out about being proud of this mobility movement has a positive impact and is very motivating. Proud to share should also precisely address the question which moves the urban target group: they like to drive cars and enjoy the associated freedom, but query the need to own a car.

With car2go, over 2 million people worldwide share automobility. For many, it is a conscious decision. And the entire car2go team works tirelessly on improving the act of sharing.

Everyone involved can be proud of many things. And, we are expressing it now.”

What does this mean exactly for the brand design of car2go?

“It is not enough to simply stick it on the cars or put up posters showing it. Our entire imagery has changed: the members will now meet many more people in driving situations; it will be more emotional and, at the same time, more organized.

We want to move away from being very pragmatic and, with the smart-related image, move towards an image which positions car2go as the category leader for carsharing and which is positively influenced by our members.

Furthermore, we are placing even more importance in our overall communication on the building up of an international, active community, and the pride and new approach will also be noticeable in our corporate language.

How is it noticed internally that the colleagues are proud to share?

“The sentence has already found its way quite naturally into some teams. When there is news, it is now proudly shared and also, in our internal Knowledge College, knowledge is now also passed on proudly to others.

Here, there is even a workshop on brand development to explain the background behind the new brand strategy to all teams. Basically, a feeling of pride for the brand creates drive and this drive again pushes the desire to share even further.”

Christian, for many customers out there, won’t such a claim at first appear to be “just” advertising? Is proud to share different?

“To be honest, many members have already reacted extremely positively. In our current campaign, dozens of members from all over the world can be seen on the motifs showing how proud they are to share a car.

We even hope that all car2goers take on board this claim so strongly that, by being proud to share, they also keep the cars clean and help each other, and thus take the idea even further.

Thank you Christian!

Have you ever been able to make any of your friends enthusiastic about carsharing through your decision to share a car rather than own? If yes, how did you convince them?