2 Jul 2017

The best car2go time-saving tricks

Using a car2go is quick and easy – just reserve the car, rent it, drive it, then park it. There are, however, a few things that can waste time, and time is money. Here are few tricks on how to help you save cash while using car2go.

Often times, it’s the little things that add up and these little things cost you money when using car2go. A few seconds here, a few minutes there and before you know you have wasted upwards of half an hour. Follow these tips to save your minutes in the future.

1. Use your mobile phone as your navigation system.

It’s much easier to enter your destination on your mobile phone –it saves time and can even be done before entering the car. It can also be more efficient, as your preferred navigation app may choose routes more responsive to local traffic and your personal driving preferences.

Navigation apps such as Google Maps work with real-time data and have features such as “arrival time” and “show traffic” which can help you with navigating your trip more time efficiently, and also allow you to know how long it will take to arrive at your destination so that you can estimate your cost for the trip beforehand.

2. Check the fuel on the car before reserving.

If you are in a hurry, make sure that the car you wish to reserve has enough fuel to make it to your destination by checking the app. Just click on the car you want to hire in the app, and you can see the current fuel level as a percentage beneath the vehicle license plate. Use this function to avoid making unnecessary fuel stops, wasting time, and avoid paying for gas.

3. Check for pre-existing damage before your ride.

Members should always remember to check the car2go for any damage before using the car. In the event that damage has occurred to the car before you enter it, it would be aggravating to be held responsible for damages which didn’t occur during your drive. Reporting pre-existing damage will prevent you from being held responsible.

A good habit is to do a quick walk around when approaching your car2go, so that you can see if there is any damage before you begin your ride. Make sure to check everything, and also don’t forget to reserve the car while you are inspecting it so that it does not get reserved before you have finished.

Contact customer service if any pre-existing damages are found on the car by using the hands free unit within the car, that way you can drive comfortably to your destination without losing time or money.


4. De-ice your car2go before you drive.

Not only is it a nuisance, it also takes up a lot of time.

You should always plan a few extra minutes for your trip during icy winter weather to remove ice from the windshield and windows of your car2go, so that you can drive safely to your destination.

Spend a few minutes de-icing the car before you start your rental as it will save you time in the end. You will, however, need to have your own scraper with you to do this.

What are your top time-saving tips? Do you have any to add to the list?