8 Jun 2017

car2go epic team moments

Members of the marketing and communications teams put together EPIC MOMENTS, a one and a half day celebration of the past years accomplishments and an opportunity to team-build with employees from across North America. This is how the days looked like.

After a challenging and exciting year in 2016, car2go wanted to make the second annual company get-together something to remember.


Get it started

On day one, all North American employees flew into Austin, settled in, and met up downtown at a trendy outdoor restaurant to hang out and catch up after traveling.  It was a relaxing and low-key way to kick off the activities!


A look into the future

On day two, employees met at the Ritz Alamo Drafthouse bright and early for morning leadership sessions.  In these sessions, employees heard from the Global CEO Olivier Reppert, North American CEO Paul Delong, Head of Business Innovation at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development Rasheq Zarif, and other members of the Leadership Team.

Their transparency gave employees the opportunity to learn about the future of carsharing, autonomous driving, and transportation sharing in general.

After some hilarious parody videos of the leadership team, employees boarded coach buses for the second half of the day!


Getting active!

When everyone arrived at the Stunt Ranch, which is a place to re-enact common movie stunts and participate in other fun activities, they weren’t sure what exactly they would be doing.

However, it soon became clear that between zip lining, jumping off a 3 story building (onto a giant airbag, of course), climbing on an obstacle course, re-enacting common action movie stunts (like calmly walking away from an explosion behind you), and many other activities, everyone was going to have a great time!


No epic moments without a party

That night, car2go rented out a popular venue downtown for the final party.  It was a blast, and feedback about the whole experience echoed what everyone thought. It was a huge success.

EPIC MOMENTS was no easy (or inexpensive) way to show employees how much car2go appreciates them and it showed all employees how much leadership cares.


We will no doubt continue the tradition, but it will be difficult to live up to the expectation that was set! Would you have liked to join? – get a part of our team!!