3 May 2017

Proud to share! – the new brand claim sums up the car2go spirit

car2go is now proclaiming “Proud to share!” to the whole carsharing world. As the inventor and international market leader of free floating carsharing, being proud of sharing is part of our company’s spirit. In an interview, the car2go CEO Olivier Reppert tells what “Proud to share” is all about and what effects this spirit has in the community.

Why does “Proud to share” summarize the car2go brand so well?

We want to express the life philosophy, which constitutes the spirit, values and mentality of car2go with this claim and at the same time show that we are proud to be part of the sharing economy.

We put our hearts and souls into the “sharing” of mobility and constantly work on promoting it.

This means that we, as market leader, have been able to make premium cars available for everyone and, at the same time, have created a community that spreads the company spirit of car2go.

Our members therefore benefit from sharing and are able to enjoy driving great cars. Our aim is also to raise public awareness to achieve better coexistence.

With the invention of free floating carsharing, we have initiated and internationally scaled a rethink in respect of private automobillity. This is confirmed in the feedback which we receive from our members each day and makes us extremely proud as a company.

For many members of the community, it is no longer just about travelling from “A to B”, it is more about being proud of being part of a movement and making their mobility more sustainable.

Hence, “Proud to share” is already visible and perceptible in its diversity.

Why is “Proud to share” being positioned so prominently in the brand world and on the cars?

We want to move people to become part of our community and to make as many people as possible aware of the option of sharing.

With “Proud to share”, we have created a new initiative which has the chance of spreading at high speed globally thanks to our large, international usership.

We want to shape the carsharing branch and have decided to highlight the prudence, sustainability orientation and community feeling of many users with our new claim.

How does “Proud to share” fit into the environment of the Daimler Group?

Already with the founding of car2go, Daimler captured the zeitgeist of the international success of this concept.

Innnovation and clear orientation are among the basic characteristics of the Daimler Group.

It is also in the spirit of the company to sustainably improve and positively influence life in the cities and their surroundings.

The pioneering car2go company is the successful answer from the large corporation, which could not be more proud of its own, specially created mobility branch.

With the concept of carsharing, Daimler and car2go address every age group of drivers, some of whom certainly would like to drive a Mercedes once in their life.

car2go enriches life today and expands the mobility range and thus integrates well into the current ideology. Many of us want to be part of a change and help improve our world.


Thank you, Olivier!


We look forward to receiving any anecdotes you may have describing why sharing with car2go is special for you?