21 Apr 2017

10 tips for a safe drive

Safety First – whether you’ve had an incident or have never gotten so much as a speeding ticket, all car2go members and drivers can benefit from a little safety refresher.

It’s finally time: the days are getting longer and the warm months are coming up. From meeting friends for lunch to running errands for spring cleaning, everyone’s coming out of hiberation.

Here are some tips and reminders that can help your trips be safer:

1. Check roadworthiness

To save yourself from a rude awakening during the drive we recommend checking the roadworthiness of the vehicle before starting your trip.


2. Oncoming traffic

Keep your eyes on the road – you never know what’ll happen!


3. Be well rested

If you’re feeling too sleepy we recommend a rest – and no matter how relaxing an afternoon nap is, the car should be parked while you take it!


4. Driving glasses

Grandma always says she doesn’t need her glasses – she knows where she’s going. This is one case where we don’t recommend you follow her example. Glasses and a navigation system are the best tools to get you there safely.


5. Checking your blind spot

Some people say that once you’ve passed your driving test you never need to look over your shoulder again. But some things you learned are useful, and shouldn’t be written off so quickly. Make sure all mirrors are adjusted properly.


6. Keep the car clean

A clear view is important! Dirty windshield? Give it a quick wash instead of trying to squint through bug guts.


7. Company

The right passenger makes every drive better – and helps you stay more alert.


8. Pick out the right music

Or go back to the roots – if you don’t like music you can make your own entertainment. It makes the time go much faster.


9. Are the seats properly adjusted?

10. Buckled up?

Then it’s time to get going!


Do you have another tip?