30 Jan 2017

New Mercedes-Benz car2gos in North America

car2go members in Austin, Portland, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington D.C. are the first North American locations to experience car2go’s new luxury line of Mercedes-Benz car2gos.


More space, more features

On the heels of the recent roll out of upgraded, new and improved next-gen smart car2gos now follows another development that is to improve the user experience of the carsharing service.

Starting today, car2go is offering larger, technically equipped to the latest standard 2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA and GLA four-door vehicles for rent.

This first addition of Mercedes-Benz vehicles is available to car2go members in Austin, Portland, Seattle and the Washington, D.C. area, while members in Toronto and Vancouver should see Mercedes-Benz car2gos a bit later in February.

Also, there are plans to introduce the new vehicles in further North American cities in the course of 2017.

With this addition members of the carsharing service are able to rent a bigger range of car2gos to get from point A to B, from only recently introduced next generation smart to the Mercedes-Benz models.

Development is based on international pilot programs

In an earlier pilot with B-Class vehicles in Canada, utilization numbers showed that the car2go carsharing community has a great affinity to the four-door models. Based on this the more spacious models are now permanently integrated in the fleet and a great popularity amongst members is predicted.

Adding new Mercedes-Benz vehicles to the North American fleet was a no-brainer after the successful pilot program, where car2go members took very quickly to the idea of having more passenger space.

Particularly, as the new cars cater to a bigger variety of use cases – such as trips with the whole family.

So, from today members can make a choice based both on what their plans are and what level of comfort they are looking for for their trips.

New look

With the more sophisticated looking cars comes a more subtle branding. The meanwhile iconic blue and white color scheme was traded in for black, silver and white Mercedes’. The placement of car2go branding is also more refined on these new cars.

As a strong player in the field of the sharing economy, car2go expands also on the input of its community members- which in this case meant to expand on the options they need to make more flexible decisions on their means of travel.

The introduction of the new vehicle types does not, however, mean that the smart models, which have been the signature cars in car2go fleets around the world since the founding of the service will disappear. They will continue to be a part of the fleet as they too offer unique aspects of convenience such as fitting into even small parking spaces easily.

With the free floating carsharing approach car2go is changing the way people use cars in big cities. Currently, every three seconds someone opts to do carsharing with car2go in North America. Since the launch of the service 32 million trips were taken.

The introduction of the new Mercedes-Benz models is a nod to that and to the ever growing member-base, but also a step of evolution in the history of the carsharing service of car2go.

Have you taken one our new Mercedes-Benz CLAs or GLAs for a ride yet? If so, what did you think? Share your thoughts with us!