24 Jan 2017

Sit down with Amanda Todd about team values

Here at our North American HQ in Austin, Texas, our team is very tightly knit seeing as how we share many of the same values and depend on each other daily to carry out and perform tasks. We like to think of us as both a family and a team.

If you go back to my November 3rd post, you will have the pleasure of reading about our six core values that drive us every day at car2go.  Now, aside from my glorious writing abilities (not really), hopefully you thought they were pretty interesting and engaging.

But how do we live these values on a daily basis as a team? To find out, I sat down with the newest member of the car2go team to discuss what her experience has been like.

Amanda Todd joined the car2go family about a month ago as our Communications Coordinator. Being new to a job and company can be intimidating, so I asked her to share her fresh, new perspective!

The following is a short Q and A on Amanda’s experience so far.


Of the six values, which two speak the most to you since starting at car2go and why?

“The two values that speak to me the most are ‘Be Loud’ and ‘Laugh More’! I’ve only been here for a little less than a month, but I already feel like I have a seat at the table.

At other places I’ve worked, it’s harder to gain that level of trust and become part of the team so quickly. So far, it has been a very smooth transition and I know they see my value.

Starting a new job is scary, but having confidence in me has been such a deal-maker.  It lays a very strong foundation.”

How have you been able to put our values into action here?

“I’m fortunate to work with two of the funniest people in the world, so all day I am laughing hysterically.  We work super hard, but during the day when we take little 5 minute breaks, they tell hilarious stories about themselves.”

What’s one situation that sticks out that allowed you really see and live by our values?

“My first day was one of the most jaw-dropping scenarios that I’ve ever been a part of.

When the communications team took me out to lunch, they told me ’Welcome aboard! By the way, we are taking you to Spain in a month.’

To include me on such an important trip makes me feel like such a valued member of the team right away.”

What have you seen throughout all of our departments during your first few weeks that tell you this is for real?!

“During my first two weeks, I got to sit in on a number of the departments to learn about what they do and how important their job is. I gained so much appreciation and respect for what the rest of the organization does on a daily basis.

I think everyone’s positive attitude makes this such a happy place to be. To get my feet wet, I have had the opportunity to work on our annual company meetings/party and feel like I’ve built relationships with not just HQ in Austin, but many of the General Managers and location employees as well.  I love it!”