13 Dec 2016

Wellness @ car2go

Adulting is hard sometimes, right? We work hard all day to make the world a slightly better place than it was yesterday, and then we go home and have lots to do!

Feed the dog, cook up some dinner, maybe catch up on a show or two… before you know it, it’s time to go to sleep and start all over again. In the hustle and bustle of daily routine, taking care of ourselves is sometimes lost in the shuffle.

Why does this matter to car2go? It doesn’t affect the company at all, does it?

Drum roll… Of course it does! Taking care of ourselves and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as employees is super important to car2go because we just care a lot about every member of the family!

car2go Wellness Program

That’s why car2go created a Wellness Program which provides numerous benefits and fun ways to stay healthy (not to mention compete with each other) and keep active during the year. We’ll break down just a few:

  • Fitness Reimbursement: car2go reimburses employees $300 per year for most exercise or fitness purchases! This includes gym membership fees, home weight lifting equipment, treadmills, race fees, etc.


  • HealthyRoads: car2go US employees are eligible to participate in the HealthyRoads Wellness Program, which provides employees with a number of wellness activities to complete during the year. The program also provides a bio-metric screening, where a trained professional will discuss your current high-level health and provide resources and advice on improving. If you complete the challenges, you can redeem up to $175! Although they’re not eligible for the incentive, employee spouses are able to participate in the Healthy Roads program as well!


  • Biggest Loser Competition: This past year, car2go participated in the Biggest Loser Community Challenge! Employees recorded the amount of exercise they got, water they drank, and types of food they ate during the 8 week challenge. In the end, car2go crowned all of our top 3 winners!


  • Wellness Week: During Wellness Week each year, car2go has a number of activities that employees can participate in. This ranges from spin classes to onsite massages, and is geared toward making sure employees are staying healthy and balanced.


We at car2go recognize that wellness and health are so important to everyday life, as well as at work. So, we are proud to be able to offer benefits like these so that each and every employee knows how valued and appreciated they are!