2 Dec 2016

#Scare2Go: Halloween Costume Contest

We’ve recently wrapped up our #Scare2go Costume Contest for Halloween, and out of more than 400 submissions, here are the three winners that car2go staff determined to be the best of the best. We had two Most Creative awards to give out and one car2go Spirit award, for the costume that best incorporated our favorite blue and white smart cars.

Under a soft, eerie glow of an October moon, something strange began to happen throughout North America as car2gos shook in fear. Gone were the kind, caring members who used to hop in.

On this night, the dim glow of cellphones illuminated the faces of monsters and creatures that seemed anything but human. Werewolves shed, pitchforks were placed in trunks and vampires cringed in the headlights.

On this night of mayhem, macabre and mischief – three unrecognizable members stood out more than others.

Most Creative Award:

Becca from Vancouver as Jack Skellington

Make-up artist Becca and has some truly amazing work in her portfolio. This year she went all out for the costume contest, using her skills to create the illusion of a bone neck and add depth to her costume.


“I am a makeup artist and I did 31 days of Halloween so once I saw there was a contest I knew I immediately had to enter!”

When asked how she used car2go on Halloween, Becca responded:

“I’m designated driver so I would be driving everyone home!”

For more of Becca’s work, check out her Instagram at @Rebeccaluciemakeupartistry.

Most Creative Award:

Michael & Crew from Portland as Green Army Men

If Toy Story were real, these are the kind of shenanigans the soldiers would get up to. Michael and four friends took the town in a group costume that took quite some effort to build:

army men

“My buddy came up with the idea and took a little convincing for us to really decide to go all in. At first we thought it would be quick and simple and only cost a few bucks.

Little did we know that all of the supplies would add up and about 40 hours of work later we’d have awesome green toy army men costumes!

We had to paint all of the clothing with latex paint as a base and then spray painted the rest! A couple late nights after work and a day or two to dry and we had our costumes made.

They were a little stiff at first but loosened up throughout the weekend. They were a hit everywhere we went and we posed for a lot of pictures during the weekend. We’ve got some ideas to make them better for next year too!”

car2go Spirit Award:

Pher from Vancouver as a Monster Carrying a Baby

If you’ve got a big costume, sometimes the bus doesn’t cut it. Pher showed us how he got around in his custom built costume:


“I’ve always wanted to make an illusion costume and I was planning on making something where it looks like a monster is holding me in a box or cage.

When talking with some friends a few weeks before Halloween a friend said, “Remember when Damon Wayans made that movie where he looks like a baby”, that’s when it hit me and I went searching for the mask to start off the costume which I found at the Vancouver flea market.

Me and my wife own and operate Soundhouse Studios rehearsal studio in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. I had most of other material around the studio to make a lot of this costume, (PVC pipes, scrap metal, bubble wrap, tape, newspaper etc). I did have to go to a thrift store and get the largest overcoat I could find. O

ne of the best memories making this costume is when I was searching through baby clothes while holding a plastic baby, some people definitely gave me some strange looks. The coat hangers where something I came up with after trying on the costume and realizing the baby needed to have movement to really sell it.

My wife had the best idea of making a custom bonnet. I added the sucker in one of the babies hands and a shaker in the other so I could jam with the music at the party we attended.

I really don’t know how I can wear any other costume now, it really makes people laugh and it’s so fun to see people reactions, I think I’ll just try to keep making it better.”

When asked about how car2go helped him get around, Pher responded:

“We actually used car2go to get to our party on Granville island (Vancouver) then filmed this video beside it. :)”

Check out some more photos of the costume and Pher’s studio “Beats by Pher” on Instagram at @beats.by.pher

With so many amazing entries, the competition was stiff. We had a lot of costumes we’d consider as “honorable mentions”. To see the rest of the submissions, click here.

Congratulations to our winners and for everyone else, best of luck next year!

How would you dress up to show your best car2go Spirit?