22 Nov 2016

Taking a Closer Look: car2go Drop Zone

While our service is simple, we have lots of offerings for our members. One of our most convenient is a Drop Zone – but that’s one term we think needs a little more explaining.

What is a Drop Zone?

Essentially, a Drop Zone is a specified location where car2go members can drive up and leave their cars during a particular occasion. Typically, this happens during major events where a LOT of car2go members will be heading -think sports games, concerts, and public festivals.

We determine the location and hours of these Drop Zones, and they are as close as possible to a busy area where parking is hard to come by.

It’s one of car2go’s unique offerings that showcases the love we have for our members. We work hard to ensure that our service provides the most convenience for our members, and by providing a Drop Zone during large events, car2go eliminates the need to pay for parking or invest a ridiculous amount of time scouring parking lots for a spot.

How a Drop Zone works

Upon picking up a car2go at your most convenient location, you can drive it to the designated Drop Zone.

Then, all that’s left to do is check in with the car2go team stationed at the Drop Zone, end your trip, and you’re on your way – without spending money on parking or time looking for a spot. Think of it like a car2go valet – for FREE.

Hmm…sounds familiar. Where have I seen that before?

Some popular Drop Zones that have been implemented in the past have included events such as:

  • Austin City Limits, a popular music festival in Austin, Texas
  • Osheaga, a music festival in Montreal, Quebec
  • Various sporting events, including both college and professional football and baseball

And in case you thought we were kidding about how expensive parking can get at events, a car2go employee snapped this pic during SXSW in Austin last year:


We are always open to member suggestions for future Drop Zones – is there an occasion for which you would like car2go to provide a Drop Zone? Tell us about it, and we might make it happen!