10 Nov 2016

We Love Our Members A Latte: Social Media and Real Perks

We showed our members how much we love them by giving them free coffee on #NationalCoffeeDay – and they shared the love on social media.

Thursday, September 29 was not just any day – it was National Coffee Day: a day to celebrate the delicious beverage that wakes us up every morning (or sometimes afternoon). It comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Some even add pumpkin spice to it.

On social media, it’s an opportunity for people to snap photos of their lattes and use the hashtag #NationalCoffeeDay – tweeted 348,000 times (!) the week of September 29.

We didn’t want to just take part in the conversation about #NationalCoffeeDay by simply tweeting about it – we wanted to be what people were talking about! What better way to show our love for our members than giving them a little perk in the morning? Bringing a social trend to the real world with real perks would have much more impact than simply tweeting about it.

We decided to get in the holiday spirit (can you believe it? A whole holiday to celebrate the drink we love!) by giving away free coffee to our members at some of our favorite coffee shops.

The results

We had an awesome turnout – we gave 945 members free coffee! Here’s the breakdown per location:

  • Montreal: 161
  • Toronto: 82
  • Columbus: 48
  • New York: 55
  • Vancouver: 101
  • Calgary: 120
  • Seattle: 34
  • Portland: 48
  • Denver: 119
  • Austin: 93
  • San Diego: 84

One goal of this project was that our members would talk about and share their experiences on social media during #NationalCoffeeDay with their free coffee, and boy did they share.

We had 240 separate member interactions/engagements with our own content, with an average engagement of 4% per post. Essentially, this means our own #NationalCoffeeDay posts were liked or commented on 240 times.

Starting a conversation

What we were most excited about, however, was how much people talked about it on their own. We encouraged members to use the hashtag #car2goperk if they posted about their free coffee on social media. It was tweeted or retweeted 59 times by 46 unique accounts, with a potential reach (how many people may have seen those tweets based on follower count) of over 78,000 Twitter users. Members also posted about it on Instagram 21 times.

The best part? People just love snapping photos of their coffee and sharing. Here are some of our favorites:

This fall weather is amazing! Thanks Car2go for the free coffee ☕ #car2goperk #cuveecoffee

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What’s your favorite example of showing member love?