26 Oct 2016

car2grownup: How car2go Has Changed

Since expanding to North America in 2010, car2go has grown up in so many different ways. After talking to employees who have been at car2go the longest, it’s easy to see the impact the company has had not only on the world, but on the people who work here every day.

car2go has seen locations open and close, environmental studies conducted, fleets upgrade, and membership skyrocket, making it the largest free-floating carsharing company in the world.

Employee stories

One other extremely important aspect of car2go’s success is the employees – some of whom have been working at car2go since day one.

Will Berry, General Manager car2go San Diego

When asked why he’s stayed at car2go since 2011, Will Berry, General Manager of car2go San Diego, said his love for the company comes from “the feeling that I’m making a positive difference in my community and the local environment.”

Not only does he feel like he’s making a difference, but Berry also said his coworkers have had a strong influence on him.

He says, “car2go staff has always been the most hard working, inventive and collaborative group of employees of any place that I’ve ever worked.”

Dana Golding, Director of Member Services

Dana Golding, Director of Member Services, described the most significant change at car2go as the company “moving from ‘start-up’ to ‘grown-up.’”

Discussing how company culture has changed, Golding says she feels that the company has come together for one reason: “to love members and to lend a hand to colleagues when necessary.”

Further, she emphasizes the team spirit that keeps her at car2go, saying that “we are one team, with a common goal, regardless of department or location.”

Barabara Deckers, NA Accounting Manager

Barbara Deckers, a car2go employee since 2009 and now the car2go NA Accounting Manager, has truly seen the company grow since its inception.

Since coming into a start-up where “no one really knew what any of our roles were going to look like,” Golding says car2go “is always changing, which presents challenges and ensures life at work never gets boring.”

Looking back on her first years at car2go, Decker recalls her favorite memory – how much pride the team felt “driving the Smart fortwos down one-by-one into the operating area in preparation for our pilot launch with the City of Austin employees.”

original car2go team

Some of the first core car2go team in Austin amongst others Grace Glenewinkel, Paul DeLong, and Barbara Deckers.

Deckers says that car2go has always been, and still is, “all hands on deck – teamwork at its best!”

car2go loves its employees, and they love what they do – especially those who have cultivated car2go’s culture and values since the very beginning.


Do you have any questions for car2go’s oldest employees? Feel free to reach out if you want to find out more.