19 Oct 2016

Smoother, Better, Faster, Smarter: we’re upgrading our fleet

car2go members in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and the Washington, D.C. area are enjoying a smoother, better, faster, and “smarter” (see what happened there?) car2go experience lately. Why? Because they’re the first North American locations to get the next-gen smart car2go.

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Upgrading a fleet is a big undertaking, and these new next-gen smart car2gos – which will be rolling into more car2go locations soon – take the experience to the next level.


New features to explore

The cars are more comfortable, more spacious, have great conveniences like Bluetooth and heated seats, are faster, handle better, and shift more smoothly.

Their turning radius is even tighter than the previous generation smart car2go (seriously, it’s crazy), and there are even more safety features.

Members get all of that goodness while still preserving that famously tiny turning radius and ability to park into crazy-small parking spaces no other car could dream of fitting into… including a Mini (which, some people have noticed, aren’t exactly mini anymore).

car2go members who have already gotten their hands on the new ride are pumped.


Don’t believe it? Check it out:

Members’ happiness is company happiness: those who work at car2go are always looking for ways to make service and the car2go member experience even better, so car2go is really and truly thrilled to put the next-gen smart car out onto the street to surprise and delight our membership.


4-door car2go pilot

As great as the new next-gen smart car2go is, it’s still a two seater, and two seaters aren’t ideal for some trips.

car2go has been operating a very popular 4-door car2go pilot program in several of the Canadian locations for some time now using Mercedes-Benz B-class vehicles.

Canadian car2go members are loving the added cargo and passenger space of the Benz’s and they are better for groups of friends to head out on an adventure or for families to get away for the weekend. Needless to say, things are looking good for the 4-door car2go pilot as well.

car2go’s pinky swear to the members is that there will be continuous upgrades to the fleets across the U.S. and Canada.

It’s the least that can be done for the millions of people in the U.S., Canada, China and across Europe who are doing something tangible to help their cities move and breathe more easily through one-way carsharing.


If you’ve taken a next-gen smart car2go for a spin, what did you think of the experience?