5 Oct 2016

All aboard: our onboarding program

The first few weeks at a new job are crucial – so we developed a special onboarding program to make sure our culture, vision and values set up new employees for success.

We’ve all been there: you’re a new hire, and it’s your first week at a brand-new job. You really want to make a good impression, stay engaged, and catch on quickly!

But what about your first impression of the company? How organized are they? What’s the culture really like? Is it easy to start building your network with co-workers?

When I came to car2go as their first corporate recruiter, the onboarding program (or lack thereof) admittedly needed some work.

Since we are so spread out across North America, being able to provide a structured, consistent onboarding program was a big challenge.


The buddy program

By asking for feedback from our employees and working together across the organization, we developed the car2go CoPilot Onboarding Program. This program is broken down into two major aspects: our CoPilot Buddy Program and Orientation.

The Buddy Program begins in the week before a new hire starts – they are assigned a CoPilot from another region and area of the business.

This CoPilot, who is an experienced employee at car2go, will reach out during the new hire’s first week and serve as a warm and friendly resource to help them learn about our culture, available resources, pro tips about working here, and who to contact for certain issues.

It is their pleasure to provide new employees with an exceptional initial experience and give them the opportunity to begin building their car2go network.

CoPilots remain in close contact with new hires throughout their first six months, and check in at three- and six-month intervals.


Then comes orientation

The second aspect of our CoPilot Onboarding Program is Orientation. Very early on in its development, the leadership team understood how important it was for all new employees to visit our headquarters in Austin.

Not only does this provide new hires with a glimpse of how the company is run on a daily basis, but it also enables them to truly understand who we are.

By immersing them in our culture, new hires bring that energy back to their regional locations and build on it. So once a month, we bring all new hires to Austin.

Orientation is packed with information, team building activities, and down-to-earth conversations. New hires can expect to hear presentations from all major departments, meet members of the leadership team, train with our Austin fleet, and be given time and resources to go explore the best Austin has to offer.

When they depart at the end of their stay, we want them to feel like they learned a ton, had a fantastic time, and most importantly, have an undeniable excitement to start working at car2go!



So far, over 40 employees have experienced our CoPilot Onboarding Program and the survey results are very positive. When rating the overall program on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest), 97% gave it either a 4 or 5!

By working together to put a comprehensive onboarding program together, we are continuing our quest to keep car2go a fulfilling and great place to work.


When you start a new job, what do you look for? What would help make you feel a part of a team early on?