5 Oct 2016

2 million members in the car2go community

The number of car2go members is constantly growing and has now crossed the two million mark! Over three continents, together they make up the largest free-floating car-sharing fleet in the world. But two million, how many is that, actually?

Unique growth story

Since the free-floating car-sharing concept was launched in 2009, more and more people in more and more cities have been captivated by the idea.

“car2go has a unique growth story,” says car2go CEO Olivier Reppert. He plans to carry this story into the future.

Within one year alone, the number of members worldwide rose by 43 percent. The new European location in Madrid, Spain, and the Chinese metropolis Chongqing played a significant role in this.

Here, or in one of the other 30 locations, one of the 14,000 car2go vehicles is rented every one and a half seconds.


2 million: a big number

It sounds like a pretty big number: 2 million. But how many is that really? A few real-life examples should give you an idea:


Part of the big picture

Not only have the 2 million members chosen to use a certain mobility service – by registering they have become part of a global community.

They share a common desire to rethink traditional ideas about mobility and strike out on new paths. The principle of “sharing is caring” is not just an empty phrase, but is actually put into practice.


And what about you? Have you been a member from day one, or do you want to seize the opportunity now to become member number 2,000,001?