29 Sep 2016

Guess Who’s Back (Back Back)…Back Again!

Our business is unique in that we have physical constraints on where we operate – in this post, we explore what it means for us to manage our operating area by looking at the Denver Home Area.

What is a Home Area?

When you think of what car2go does, what comes to mind?

Carsharing, bringing people together, providing independence – these are all things we strive to do every day. But there’s another aspect to our business that people often forget about.

Each of our locations has a Home Area, or the area in which a trip can be started and stopped, which is what allows our business to be “free floating” and “one way.”

In other words, our Home Areas are some of the most important parts of making car2go what it is!

When deciding a city’s Home Area, there are number of factors that come into play: population density, distance, usage rates, and so much more.

We are constantly evaluating each and every day to ensure that our Home Areas are suitable to member needs and the realities of maintaining a fleet.

(Re)growing the Home Area

After some painful adjustments to the Denver Home Area last year, we kept looking at how our members moved around the city – and just how much the city had grown in that time.

We were seeing increased demand both in talking to our members, as well as in our data from the app and where members were taking cars.

We decided to expand the Denver Home Area to include more parts of the city, some of which had been cut out last year.

This includes the neighborhoods of South Park Hill, Hale, Montclair, Washington Park, Platte Park, Washington Park West, and Rosedale.

We did this because our members – the greatest on the planet – keep expanding in number, which increases demand in these areas.

By increasing the size of the Home Area, we can better accommodate you!

Reception and response

Our members have been happy about it, and they’re showing it:

We love our members, and are so excited to be back!

Let us know how you feel about the Denver expansion, or tell us where you would like us to be.