17 Sep 2016

Why we’re proud to show our Pride

What does pride mean to us and to our members? What does community mean? As supporters of equality, we posed this question to attendees at the San Diego Pride festival during Pride month in North America. 

Having taken part in numerous Pride parades around North America, car2go is a longtime supporter of an integrated and diverse community. This year marked the fifth year in a row we were part of the San Diego Pride festival, the biggest civic event in the city.


Showing our support

At car2go, the slogan “room for two, any two” has become omnipresent, and can be seen at events like San Diego Pride, or even on the screen of your smartphone on social media. Here are some of the advertisements we shared on social media and in local publications to show our support:

room for 2 girls

room for 2 sunglasses

We pride ourselves on having room for two, any two – which is why our vehicles were the perfect platform for members and their partners, friends or family to share their stories.


car2go Confessional

To mark this momentous anniversary, we hosted a “car2go confessional,” where everyone had an opportunity to voice their thoughts on what community means to them.

At the festival, car2go provided one of our smart fourtwo vehicles for members to record their “confessionals.”

As a carsharing company, we allow members to exercise their freedom, and to us, this confessional did just that.

Our car served as a safe space to talk openly about anything and everything participants – both members and non-members – were feeling.


Over 100 people took part, generating nonstop traffic at the event. Check out some snapshots of our weekend:

c2g confessional

The “confessional car” itself, ready to hear participant stories.

pride team

car2go team members Brittany, Adelle and Will getting excited to meet participants.

We strung together some of our favorite member stories in this video:

Our cars have room for two, any two, to share their story. Being a part of this year’s San Diego Pride festival enabled us to take part in one of our favorite things: bringing people together.

We hope that every time you’re in a car2go, you think about your story. Now we pose the question to you: what does the word “community” mean to you?