15 Sep 2016

How do we keep workplace engagement fun?

Workplace engagement and employee recognition – sometimes these phrases are said without much meaning behind them – lofty goals with no concrete plan or action taken. However, at car2go, when we say we want an engaged and fun workplace, we mean business!

Taking engagement seriously

Richard Branson, the eccentric founder of Virgin group, once said “Train people well enough so they can leave; treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

Amen, right?

When it comes to life at car2go, how we treat all members of our family couldn’t be more important. Now I’m not just talking about letting employees play video games and make funny videos (although we DO do that).

I’m talking about providing them with opportunities to build relationships that go beyond the office and give them a platform to send meaningful recognition to each other. Because car2go has employees all over North America, it’s very important to work at and prioritize closing the physical gap so the team works better together.


Recognition platform

To do this, we implemented an employee engagement and recognition platform called YouEarnedIt. Each employee is given two buckets of points – a “giving” balance and a “redemption” balance.

One is for giving to others, and the latter is for redeeming points for rewards.

Employees are able to send recognition to each other for anything that goes on during the day – to recognize a job well done, a great joke, or for creating an innovative solution to a head-scratcher of a problem.

Since January 1, there have been over 4,000 individual recognitions sent, worth over one million points total!

When giving points, employees can tag one of our corporate values that relates to the recognition (such as “Lend a Hand”), set a certain number of points, and send away.

This recognition is then posted to the main wall, where everyone can see the awesome collaboration happening!

Employees then save up the points they receive for a wide variety of prizes to redeem, including gift cards, Fitbits, or even “CEO’s Choice”. That last one is a random reward chosen by our CEO, Paul DeLong, and yes – it has been redeemed. Paul flew to the location and cooked everyone a pancake breakfast, wearing a chef’s hat and apron.

The bigger purpose of workplace engagement

This program, while light-hearted and fun, serves a bigger purpose.

Overall happiness at a job is so crucial to success! Being able to provide our employees with the means to appreciate each other is why we love what we do.


What do you recognize co-workers for most – a job well done, a great attitude, building team spirit, or something else?