9 Aug 2016

What colleagues like most about the car2go culture

It’s one thing for a company to direct culture from the top down, but quite another to live it every day. Culture is the result of everyone in the company building something together – and we’re proud of our car2go culture.

At car2go, our car2go culture of passion, respect, and fun shines through no matter what you’re doing or who you work with. It’s not uncommon to hear that coming to work feels like hanging out with your friends.

Even when times get tough or schedules get busy, we all pull together to get the job done – and have fun while we do it.

Here’s just a few favorite memories and motivations from our car2go family – and why we love working at car2go:

Carol Brackman, Sr. Executive Assistant:

“When our North American headquarters expanded into another suite within the building, I was an integral part of this expansion. It gave me the excitement that we are doing the right thing within the carsharing industry.

My favorite part about the car2go culture is the people I work with. I am always genuinely excited to come back from vacation!”

Kelsey Harrington, Member Services Associate:

“My favorite experience: our 2016 Town Hall.

All North American employees had the opportunity to come to Austin to not only listen and learn from the Leadership Team, but to also enjoy each other’s company, put faces to names, and have a blast!

I was fairly new at the time, but I particularly enjoyed the scavenger hunt. Each person wrote down random facts about themselves, but kept it anonymous, so nobody knew which facts belonged to which associate.

To complete the hunt, I had to go around and meet every single person to win! For me, it afforded a lot of confidence to build that camaraderie.

It really solidified why I chose to come to car2go, where people like to have just as much fun as the effort they put into their work.”

Gerry Mantaring, Procurement Manager:

“Last year, our parent company, Daimler, decided to have their world finance meetings in Austin. Hosting the top 100 finance executives of Daimler, all of whom were super excited to see car2go in action, was nerve-wracking to say the least.

To make a great impression, we decided to not just show them the office, but let them each drive car2gos from the hotel to their dinner reservation across downtown!

After rounding up over 50 car2gos, each of us had to drive them in a seemingly never-ending line to the hotel, let two finance bigwigs hop in, then run to grab another car.

The way we were able to coordinate, work together, and get the job done was amazing. It was all worth it when we saw how excited they all were to experience our service and talk to us.

What really stuck out to me about that evening was getting to hang out with our CEO, Paul, and truly get to know him. His personality and overall vision for car2go has made a lasting impression on me.

We are a tightknit group of family members. It wasn’t just about getting a job done, but wanting to show off our service and show that we want to go above and beyond.”

The car2go culture is something we take seriously and we see our employees as an everyday vanguard of these values. We’re proud to have built this culture and grow it with each passing day.

We want to hear from you: what do you look for in company culture?