30 Jul 2016

New car2go fleet in San Diego, new places to go

Moving an entire fleet from one type of engine to another is no easy task – but we are always determined to make sure our members can get around on their terms. By changing our San Diego fleet, our members were able to go farther and explore more.

When we launched car2go San Diego in 2011, we were excited to make San Diego the first city in America with a fully electric (EV) carsharing fleet. Our decision to go 100% EV for our San Diego fleet was based on the Department of Energy’s commitment to install 1,000 Blink charging stations through a company called ECOtality by the end of 2011.

Unfortunately, that just didn’t happen. Not even close.

ECOtality went bankrupt in 2013, and what we were left with was an inadequate EV charging infrastructure in San Diego that made it very difficult for our members and for us to efficiently drive and maintain our EV fleet.

So what do you do when only 400 of the 1,000 stations promised were installed (and only 126 of those were in our Home Area)?

Changing the fleet

For us, we decided to replace our San Diego EV fleet with the same internal combustion smart fortwo car2gos used by hundreds of thousands of members in our 12 other North American locations. When fully charged, an EV car2go can travel 65 miles max.

Our internal combustion car2gos? Up to 342 miles on a single tank. This new San Diego fleet makes all-day trips possible in ways our EV fleet couldn’t because of the lack of charging stations.

To make the switch even sweeter, we temporarily lowered our rates from $0.41/minute to just $0.19/minute to go along with our spring membership deal.

So did our members go farther and explore even more of San Diego? You know it!

Here’s just a few highlights from how they went further for less:

Meredith SD Rivet

Meredith took this awesome sunset pic

Linda SD Rivet

Linda went farther for her clients: “If it wasn’t for car2go I wouldn’t be able to transform my clients at work everyday!”

Brooke SD Rivet

Brooke saw pandas at the San Diego Zoo

Frank SD Rivet

Frank took a stunning panorama at the beach

What’s your most memorable adventure in a car2go?