20 Jul 2016

Cultural fit at car2go: How we find and measure it

Hiring at car2go isn’t just about skills or background – it’s important to fit in and be part of the family. Cultural fit is more than just a feeling, it’s part of our  hiring process.

As anyone who works at car2go will tell you, we enjoy our work, but we enjoy the people we work with and the environment we work in just as much, if not more! We often say we are a family.

Meaning we respect each other, have each other’s backs, and if we sometimes disagree, we are all committed to each other and to our mission at the end of the day.

But when we’re interviewing for an open position, how do we tell if a candidate will jive with us? And just as important, will we jive with them in the long term? It’s one thing to be qualified and able to do the job duties, and it’s another thing entirely to become part of the family.

We use several methods, along with our unique corporate values, to gauge this as accurately as we can!

Cultural fit at car2go

From the opening phone call to the in-person interview, setting a relaxed and open tone is key. Aside from candidate qualifications, we ask questions inspired from our 6 unique company values.

They are designed get candidates away from the sworn enemy of measuring cultural fit – the question/answer interview mindset.

At the end of a conversation, both sides should come away feeling like each learned a lot about each other through great conversation. Some examples of the questions we ask are:

What do you think of the statement “We’ve always done it this way?” What would you say to someone if they answered you with that?

  • This is inspired by our Do Different value: Dare to go first. Innovate! Originality is rare: we embrace it. We’re not quite like anyone else. Others may call it weird. We own it.

What do the words “curiosity” and “inquisitiveness” mean to you? How do you apply these words in your daily life?

  • Seek Answers is the value we’re looking for here: Be curious. Ask “Why?” until you really know. Then ask more questions until you’re smart. Listen. Seek answers. Crave solutions. Tilt your head to the side if it helps.

Tell me about the funniest situation you’ve ever had in a work or team setting. What does that highlight about a workplace that’s important to you?

  • This is easily the most fun value – Laugh More: Laugh at yourself. Find humor in obstacles. Laugh a lot. Happy teams go farther together. If you’re having fun at work, you’re probably doing it right. Our mission is noble. But it’s not rocket science.

Lastly, we make sure to show candidates the larger picture by giving them a tour of the office and different departments while seeing how they react to the environment.

If, at the end of a meeting, the car2go hiring team is already picturing them joining our fun and quirky family, we may have just found a winner for cultural fit!

Have you worked in diverse teams before? What did you like best about that?