28 Jun 2016

Experiences of a car2go intern

Internships are great – you get to know an industry from the inside, you’re part of projects and learn to make your first steps in the working world. So, what does it mean to be an intern at car2go? The HR department in Stuttgart has conducted an interview with a car2go intern to find out what her time was like.

car2go: What are your main tasks in your internship?

Melissa: I work with the “Social Media Digital Content“ department and here, my main task is to plan, organize and finish my allocated projects. One of my first projects was the creation of social media guidelines and a playbook.

But currently I am involved in a relaunch of the car2go blog and support my team by implementing and designing it. I often work on urgent tasks, like for instance research tasks on specific topics.

car2go: Why did you apply for car2go?

Melissa: My main reason was that I found the job application super exciting and the tasks very intriguing. Particularly interesting was the point that the department has offered me the opportunity to become creative myself.

In addition, I wanted to explore the working vibe of a “start-up” and get to know whether it will meet my expectations.

car2go: How was your interview organized?

Melissa:The first interview was via video call, what was absolutely new territory for me. It was really interesting and practical, as I didn’t have to think about any logistics and could just concentrate on the talk.

car2go: What do you like about working at car2go?

Melissa: I really like about working at car2go that my team is young and dynamic. Everyone is very helpful in the company and the team spirit is extremely important.

Moreover, I enjoy my tasks very much and from the beginning I was fully integrated and not only considered as the “typical” intern. For me it is also really exciting that car2go is internationally active, so we have regular contact and meetings with colleagues from North America or China.

car2go: What is special about car2go as an employer?

Melissa: The special thing about car2go is that it has a young spirit and there is no daily routine, you can really feel the “fresh” breeze.

Furthermore, the hierarchies are flat- what I particularly appreciate. The working environment is creative and staff-incentives exist, such as beverage flat rate and free minutes to drive the car2gos.

car2go: Do you have any advice for students?

Melissa: If a job application appeals you, it is absolutely worth it to apply, because car2go has many departments working on exciting topics. Additionally, as an intern you collect practical experience and you will constantly learn new thing both about yourself and your career.

car2go: Would you recommend car2go as an employer?

Melissa: Yes, I would definitely recommend car2go as an employer. If you are willing to tackle challenges, experience the “car2go spirit” and want to be part of a growing company, then you should come to car2go. But of course, the tasks should also be appealing you.

car2go: What is your result of the internship?

Melissa: Above all, I take insights in what is done in the area of global social media and getting to know the working life, since I get only few insights into that as a full-time student.

For example, I learned how to organize myself, what my strengths and weaknesses are, how to handle stressful situations best and also how to handle tasks independently.

car2go: Thanks a lot for the interesting interview, Melissa, and have a good time during your internship!

Have you done internships before – what was the best part about them and why?