11 Apr 2016

Welcome back – The new car2go blog is here!

The car2go blog is back online – clearly organized, varied and international. The upgrade work is finished and recent months have seen a great deal of hard work and dedication in all locations. Much has changed, but readers will also find many things familiar.

At the very first glance, it’s clear that a lot has been happening with the blog. The four categories “Member Stories”, “Local Flavour”, “car2go Insights” and “Big Picture” are new and, unlike before, are lined up next to one another in the top menu bar on the left – everything at a glance.

“Member Stories” offers a range of stories and experiences from car2go members. Users can read fascinating articles about the car2go locations in the “Local Flavour” category.

News and the latest topics about car2go can be found under “car2go Insights”. And the category “Big Picture” offers members an all-round view of sharing.

The menu bar not only provides an overview of all categories; here, users can also select the country they wish to read interesting articles about. Users can find relevant articles on all car2go locations.

Keyword search made easy

As well as exploring the different countries, as before readers can use the magnifying glass to search for individual keywords – all it takes is a quick click of the mouse. Does the reader want to go directly to the car2go Facebook page, Twitter feed or Instagram page?

They can do so by clicking on the direct link on the top right of the menu bar.

The articles are no longer anonymous – now they have a face. Readers can meet the authors from the various locations and divisions in the lower section of the page by clicking on “Meet the car2go blog authors”.

Good to know: Articles or sentences can be shared

As before, users can comment on articles. As an extra feature, they can now share entire articles on Facebook, Twitter and Google + by clicking on the buttons on the right-hand side.

Users can also share sentences or parts of sentences by highlighting them and selecting the desired network. Here, they have the choice of Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

We look forward to your feedback on our new blog – what are your thoughts?