28 Aug 2015

The car2go cars are more spacious than you think

The weekend is coming up soon, so time to make some plans. There are various ways to fill your weekend. Whether it is a city-trip, helping friends with their move or decorating your apartment, car2go is always there by your side. Also, our little helpers have more storage capacity than you might think!

To prove our point, we have collected some of the best packing heroes from around the world.




About to go on holidays? Capemilton definitely managed to store all his stuff easily. (Picture: capemilton)


Kristina packed her suitcases without problems into the trunk – and there is even space for more! (Picture: @kbindi)


Adrian had a lot of luggage for his short holiday. No problem for our car2go. (Picture: al_knorr)


Photographer Mike Bitton moves all his equipment in the trunk of our blue and white friends. Respect! (Picture: mikebitton)

Shopping tour with a car2go


There is definitely enough room for your everyday grocery shopping. So, no need to hold back when you do your shopping. (Picture: alynns1)


Even though this pizza fits in the car, please eat before! (Picture: nate4sure)


These are five crates easily stacked in the truck – without even needing to play Tetris! (Picture: jonathansachse)


Chelsea moves here plants from time to time. Quite some work! (Picture: watch_think_do)


If you fold it in half, you can even fit a bike plus luggage into a car2go! (Picture: @HisaNabe)


This is where the music is. Even large instruments find their way into a car2go trunk. (Picture: jaredjengel)

You cannot fit a whole drum set into a car2go you think? We can prove you the opposite. (Video: urbanmysticism)

You are also a packing hero and can fit everything into the trunk? So take your smartphones and cameras and use our hashtag #car2go.

We can’t wait to see your results. Have a nice weekend!