18 Jan 2014

car2go members: Janice

How does car2go enrich people’s day-to-day lives? To help illustrate what we found, we would like to introduce you to car2go member Janice. She’ll be telling us how to shorten unpleasant dates gracefully, with the help of a car2go.

There are only a few social situations where we put ourselves out there as much as we do on a blind date. The evening with this still-unknown person could be amazing, and could even be the beginning of a happy relationship – or it could be a disaster that we can’t wait to put behind us.

There can be any number of reasons for this. And if you don’t have an elegant exit strategy ready at such a moment, your perseverance and emphatic ability will put to the test.


It’s not so important to decide on this strategy beforehand. As they say, we have our best ideas when we’re under pressure.

You could learn a thing or two from our member Janice, from Vancouver, British Columbia. She had the brilliant idea to flee from her not so dreamy blind date by using car2go during the course of the evening.


Here’s the whole story: She and a good friend went on a double blind date, which a mutual friend had organized.

But this friend apparently didn’t know them both well enough, and unfortunately got it totally wrong. The girls gave the code word meaning “lets get out of here asap” non-verbally, and now had to act.


Before the blind date turned into a total disaster, Janice and her friend pulled the plug and used “plans” made with friends at the other side of the city as the first key strategic step towards ditching.

The dates’ suggestion to take a taxi, as all four would fit inside, would have been the the wrong move. A look at her smartphone showed Janice that her perfect getaway car, aka car2go, was ready and waiting nearby.

Two seats for two friends. car2go saves the day!

Janice is happy to tell you her exit story in detail in the video. When has car2go saved you from an unpleasant situation? Send us your story  in the comments. We look forward to hearing heaps of exciting stories.